Map your bloomberg on this badboy

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by KINGOFSHORTS, Apr 1, 2010.


    Sweet. You can map all the keys for Bloomberg Anywhere on this badboy and when you switch to the app you can have all the keys change to match.

    Switch to your other apps and the keyboard will change along.


    Gonna pull the trigger and get this beast.

    I need to find out how compatible it is with snow leopard.
  2. i dont get why anybody needs bloomberg other than
    on an institutional desk

  3. The keyboard cost more than bloomberg does per month
  4. Nice. This your pipedream?
  5. That's the 3rd dumbest, most worthless thing I have ever seen.*

    * (Twitter and Facebook are 1st and 2nd).
  6. They're free. This POS will set you back 1500.
  7. twitter for useless things like telling people what you are eating and where you are is stupid

    twitter to tell you breaking news about Goldman Sachs or something Warren Buffet said is using the full potential of the internet.