Map of American Racism

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  1. A map of the counties where McCain did better than Bush. Clearly this was due to tax rates on people making more than 250K, and nothing to do with racism

  2. I am glad Orlando went blue. Obviously the state went blue but in large part due to "I-4 corridor"
  3. I think you have to give Arizona a break. They're just voting for their home boy. New Orleans is due to the displacement of the blacks. Alaska is looking for their independence. The rest is pretty much one place, Appalachian. IOW, hillbillies.
  4. I don't believe that Arizona should get a break -- if voting rates exceed the previous by 20% that's not just rooting for the home team.

    And New Orleans' displacement of blacks would reduce Democratic turnout -- and doesn't explain why there would be 20% more Republican votes than 2004.
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    you're a fucking idiot
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    Well, I will speak for Colorado. There is a substantial increase in latino population at the south part of the state. Also, I suspect front range oil drilling also turn off a lot of rural voters.

    Republicans are all for drilling until rigs are actually on your backyard...:)
  7. Clearly through big daves deep study counties that increased in vote for Obama compared to Kerry must be communists and socialists. LOL Big dave it isn't the bias you have but it is your inability to sense when your bias is way off the map that things start to lack any definition of logic whatsoever. You are lost.
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    wow, there is some important commentary. citizens take note of NeoRio.

    to the OP, ... your utter stupidity rests on your attempt to label vast swaths of red dots as racists.

    and so it goes ... the right does MUCH, MUCH better when cornered
  9. Actually I suggested that the Appalachians and southerners are very concerned about incomes over $250,000. (Oh, alright, sarcastically.)

    You can reach your own conclusions about why the red dots seem to congregate only in the deep south.

    I'd like to hear what they are. One explanation for why Republican turnout is 20% higher than Republican votes in 2004 is drilling.

    Any other explanations?
  10. He's an idiot... and you're on record here saying that you believe the earth is just over 6000 years old as stated in the Bible?

    No problem, please continue spalshing around in the shallow end of the gene pool.
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