Many retailers will go bankrupt and commercial RE to fall SIGNIFICANTLY

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    Another prediction I will make loud and clear is retailers and commercial real estate are the next to fall EXTREMELY HARD. Department stores around the US will feel every blow this christmas season as consumers hold back. Without the consumer, retail sales will continue to fall, as they fall more retailers will cut their workforce and actually start to close, leading the commercial real estate to fall significantly. Sales this christmas will probably be as bad or even worse than they were in 2001. Understand that many many retailers will go into Bankruptcy. With retailers going bankrupt this will of course lead to a huge rise in unemployment. We could see unemployment rates in the double digits by the end of 2009.
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    No, no, no. StockTurder says everything is going to be ok!
  3. one store on Worth Ave, I forget the name, but it went out overnight, like some donut shop.
  4. A can of tuna was about 57 cents a few months ago and now it's 98 AND gross sales are dropping, this is not good.
  5. How is this thread about Trading? !!!
  6. We should all feel relieved
  7. This has absolutely NOTHING to do with TRADING.
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    Right this has nothing to do about trading, how about this,

    GO LONG SRS under $100.

    there you go, all about trading.

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    HA what do you know LANDIS I actually talked about SRS back in MARCH of 2007 at around $80 a share, wow, just to think it was trading above $150 last week, hmmmmm more than a 90% gain....


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    "IF" commercial real estate is at a top which I think it may soon be, it would be good to pay attention to SRS. Trading around 79-80, pointed it out on the other forum around 66 a share when IYR was flying high above 90+. Commercial Real Estate cannot stay hot forever.
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