Many greedy girls will remain old maids due to a longlasting crisis?

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  1. Middle class greedy girls, those that want their hubsand to buy everything, despite getting indebted to the eyeballs, will become extinct species?

    They will remain old maids, as there will be fewer fools to marry them, and destroy their financial security?
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    So, your girl friend fired you. This is a trader forum not a lonely hearts forum.
  3. No

    Actually I posted after seeing many guys like you (broke), everytime poorer, who can't support any girls except perhaps from food stamps.
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    yea I have seen a couple of those wedding shows on tv and all I can say is that when the guy wants to do a simple wedding for 15k-25k they start to complain that its only once they get to have a special day and that special day should be theirs priced at 50k++++
  5. Everyone should get married at town hall. It's cheap as you can get. Then you will have more money to have a nicer honeymoon, which is the best part anyway, like spending 1 year travelling around Europe. You will also have more money to put down on a house, which is much more important than a party that lasts for just a few hours.
  6. I doubt that they will become extinct; there will always be gold diggers around.
  7. Girls who want a $50k+ wedding will probably have multiple special days throughout their life. Their marriages rarely last.
  8. The problem with woman and men today to a certain extent, is that they live to be seen.

    So, maybe if you embarrass them publicly, you'll be able to differentiate fake from real relationships.
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    im not married, but women deserve a wedding that costs whatever their annual income is i.e. she makes 30k she deserves 30k wedding, etc.. if shes a corporate go-getter and makes 100k then you better be hung like zoro..
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