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  1. Larry Williams has a book "Daytrade Futures Online" it has a
    wealth of reference on web-sites, strategies. It's not a book
    on a system but a comprehensive primer on futures trading(online) per se. Has some brokers lists, web-sites, strategies, money mgmt etc. Larry is a salesman but his analytical ability and
    knowledge of futures trading is without equal.
  2. Is it recommended by you? Did you buy it or will you buy it? Thanks

  3. in reference to online futures, and changes in the business
    (globex, online software etc), it's good.
  4. If you are only interested in his strategies and money management and not the websites, brokerage info etc( which I think you can find by yourself on the Net, it's worth noting that this book is pretty much an abridged version of "Long term secrets to short term trading". Text and charts in some chapters are virtually identical. That said, Daytrade futures Online is a much less expensive book but you could be disappointed when you see how many pages are just filled with listings of brokers, websites etc. Also I would say what he teaches in these books is more swingtrading, he states several times that getting in and out during the day is a loser's game.
  5. Here are the 3 books I bought :

    Getting started in Futures (Lofton)( read it just for the mechanisms of the futures markets, regulations and contract specs, no info on trading)

    Winning in the futures market (Angell). Decent book for beginners, some very good chart patterns explained . Inexpensive

    The ultimate trading guide (Hill&Pruitt), reviews scores of trading methods, systems and chart patterns mainly for the futures markets. Gives good ideas despite many unclear explanations. Most of the systems presented are not profitable without additional filtering though according to the authors themselves.

    I am trying to get my hands on a copy of Crabel's book, LBR 's book is often recommended but after a few visits to her website I decided against buying her expensive book as I would not feel comfortable trading her methods and timeframe anyway (I don't like to trade off indicators like MACD and ADX on 30, 60 min charts). Just go to before buying Street Smarts. Connor's book seems to present pretty much the same techniques.Correct me if I am wrong.

    Anyway I think it's important when devising your own system to keep in mind what systems others use but no need to buy all the books out there IMO.
  6. I also own this book and it's a great "trading" book, teaches
    tape reading/ thought process of buying selling the SPz.
    The ideas in it must be used as a guide-line but tape reading
    is tape READING. Trading Ideas are not constant formulas, only
    tools to develop new "trading systems" and thought process.
    Gary Smith has excellent record, I would say competing with Linda
    Raschke's for a span of ten years.
    Anyone else read this book in depth ????
  7. I think it's out of print or difficult to obtain. It was on my original buy list. "How I trade for a living" is good too BTW.
  8. books, order and wait if not immediately available. This is how
    I got it !
  9. Today i got my "Live the dream..." by Gary Smith. It's $59 at I ordered it last week, so I guess they still might have some in stock.
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    Gary's books are interesting, but they are a few years old. In this case the publication date is 1995. Be sure to buy a couple newer books if you are just getting started.

    Does anyone know what Gary is up to these days? I never heard anything more after he wrote, 'How I Trade For A Living'. One can only wonder if he managed to survive the bear market, or if he lost everything. When he wrote that book his account had grown to $750,000 over a period of several years--and that was after having a losing streak of 18 or 19 years!
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