mãnuka honey

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    Bet tastes almost the same. Probably bit healthier too.
    But the marketing pro boyz + bees traveling 3 miles = 10 000% up in price.
  3. I have heard of that honey. Honey is honey to me, but this has good marketing.
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    as long as it is not adulterated and no sugar added, any honey is fine except Manuka honey.
  5. Why except Manuka honey? What's wrong with it?
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    nothing wrong with it.
    Just that it is relatively expensive.
  7. Ah, I see. And I agree.
    I, personally, like conifer tree honey the best. Bees make it out of tree sap rather than pollen.
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    There are other honeys that are possibly better and rarer eg wild honey collected by indigenous people in Sundarbans National Park etc..It seems New Zealanders are better at promoting their honey.

    PS 1) The honey, dating back approximately 3,000 years, is the world's oldest sample – and still perfectly edible. The secret behind honey's eternal shelf life is a range of factors.Hydrogen peroxide, acidity and lack of water work together to make this sticky substance last forever.Nov 23, 2015

    2) Trader Joe's carries mãnuka honey
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  9. The fact that honey is probably the one food product that never, ever goes bad has always been wild to me.
  10. Breakfast of champions: a roll in bed with honey.
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