Manufacturing confidence at all-time high despite workforce shortage

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  1. Optimism among U.S. manufacturers is soaring as the Republican-led tax cuts help fuel a white-hot economy with the lowest unemployment numbers in over a decade, but a significant labor shortage is undermining the gains, a new report shows.

    Nearly 93 percent of manufacturers are projecting further expansion for their businesses, and positive sentiment among smaller companies is up to 91.3 percent, according to a quarterly survey from the National Association of Manufacturers. It's one of the best outlooks the group has seen in the 20 years it has conducted the survey among its 14,000 members.

    "We used to be happy when that number would get up to the mid- and high 50s," Chief Executive Officer Jay Timmons told the Washington Examiner.
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    I'm not sure if it somehow clears up the whole bunch of political and economic aspects of trade relations between the US and China. There have been already so many gossips, especially those related to AI, Google, and the attempts or plans of the latter to enter (again) the Chinese market.
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    What will be the results of such behavior and Google's tortured hiring relationships? Seems unnaturally suspicious...
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    in general, Google is a different debate.
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