Manufacturing CEO: Before Biden, it felt like we were fighting the pandemic alone

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    It is time once again to outline that the Trump administration did next to nothing to stop COVID and help our country. Trump's performance in the pandemic is a disgrace.

    Manufacturing CEO: Before Biden, it felt like we were fighting the pandemic alone

    A former Republican operative who now leads one of the nation's most powerful business groups is praising President Joe Biden's efforts to defeat the coronavirus pandemic.

    "It is fantastic to have a partner in the White House," Jay Timmons, president and CEO of the National Association of Manufacturers, told CNN Business. "We felt like we were fighting this fight, frankly, all alone for the last year."

    NAM, which represents more than 130,000 manufacturers, announced Friday it is planning to partner with the Biden administration to help fight the pandemic.

    Timmons, who said his father died from Covid, criticized the Trump administration's track record on the health crisis.

    "It seemed like so often over the course of the last year, the pandemic was weaponized and it became a political tool," he said, adding that he was dismayed dismay over disinformation that confused the public. "500,000 Americans have already died because we as a society didn't take the pandemic seriously enough. My father was one of those. The horrible, lonesome, gruesome death that he went through, I want no other family to have to go through that."

    'Get a shot, save the world'
    Part of the association's efforts include a campaign, dubbed "This is Our Shot," aimed at convincing manufacturing communities to get vaccinated.

    "We have some hesitancy in our sector and we want to overcome that," Timmons said. "Our job is to get real information and facts to our workforce to let them know how safe the vaccine is, how important it is to get it, and how real the pandemic is."

    For instance, he said that just 150 out of 650 employees at a manufacturer in Texas are willing to get the vaccine at this point.

    Part of the reluctance to get a vaccine, Timmons said, could come from the fact that many manufacturers are in rural areas that may not have been hit as hard by the pandemic.

    He summed up his message to employees, and the public at large: "Get a shot, save the world."

    Timmons said he's "so proud" America now has a president who is leading by example and focusing like "laser beams on this horrible crisis we're going through right now."

    25th Amendment debate
    Timmons was the most outspoken business leader in the hours after the Capitol riot on January 6.

    That day he called for then-Vice President Mike Pence to consider working with the Cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment to remove President Trump and "to preserve democracy."

    "What we saw on January 6th was absolutely one of the most horrifying things that any of us who love America could have ever witnessed," Timmons said.

    Timmons is a longtime Republican operative. He was chief of staff to George Allen when Allen served as governor of Virginia as well as a congressman and US senator between 1991 and 2002. During the 2004 election cycle, Timmons served as executive director of the National Republican Senatorial Committee.

    Asked if he was disappointed the 25th Amendment was not invoked, Timmons said he was "very heartened" to see Pence and the Senate leadership "stand up for the rule of law" and ensure a peaceful transfer of power.
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    Complete and total nonsense.
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    Yes it is complete and total nonsense that Trump did nearly nothing to address the largest health crisis to hit our nation in over a century. It is shameful.
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    That is so far from the facts and truth that is it not even worth discussing. It is delusional propaganda.
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    Herd immunity one way or another. Infighters and backstabbers are poor leaders.
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    Are over 500,000 dead people delusional propaganda?
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  7. Says his mission and the association's effort is:

    Part of the association's efforts include a campaign, dubbed "This is Our Shot," aimed at convincing manufacturing communities to get vaccinated.

    But does not mention that we have three Trump-developed vaccines and his newly-found guru has had nothing to do with it, other than he "started from scratch."

    Sorry about your dad dying of covid buddy but Biden is not going to bring him back, and if your interest is in seeing that others do not die- as you said- then thank the administration that brought you the vaccines.

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    Trump did not develop any vaccines - private companies with scientists developed vaccines. Only one of the three companies in the U.S. with approved vaccines took federal development funds for the vaccine (Moderna).

    Trump completely flunked when it came to establishing a plan to distribute the vaccines. He just left it to the states and local governments -- basically a disaster. Fortunately that is now being remedied.

    Triump' vaccination "plan" was just as failed as the rest of his disastrous COVID-19 response. Over 500,000 dead people bear witness to this.
  9. Trump offered high volume purchase options and agreements to companies if they developed a vaccine such that recovery of their development costs and major profits were assured if successful.

    Only those with absolute ZERO business experience would fail to see that as creating a development environment on steroids.

    Also, Trump beat the living shiite out of the FDA and the CDC every step of the way to remove bureaucratic footdragging- which you and others called "interference" every step of the way- BUT ARE PLENTY GLAD TO HAVE THE FRUITS OF THAT EXPEDITING.

    Joe was in the senate and government for fifty years and accomplished nothing in either the public or private sectors, yet you somehow are able to tell yourself that he could have created the circumstances necessary to bring three vaccines to market within one year, when 4-8 years was the projection "based on the science."
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    To be fair, the argument of it will take years to develop a vaccine is based on one article and one persons opinion. Still the Trump Administration did nothing better in terms of timing and development than the Euros. Saying America did something better under Trump when we were in line with the rest of the western world is a fantasy.

    Other points to consider:

    The science to develop mRNA was funded under the Obama Administration. So was a pandemic response team, with people on the ground in China, which Trump disbanded.

    Trump did not fuck up the tools available to push development of vaccines. That is true.

    Trump fucked up the basic compliance and prevention messaging and it costed hundred of thousands of lives.

    Bill Gates has a lot more to do with our pandemic response, including vaccine development and scaling, than most people understand.

    Trump shit the bed on the scaling and delivery.

    Biden has done a good job scaling up and improving delivery.
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