Manual of operations 1979 introduction to Federal Reserve

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    I came across this the other day this is a BIG deal

    It is a MANUAL of operations and introductions from 1979
    And what really lends credence to it as well is that a week ago an ex CIA agent was on public radio and he said that in 1960s and 1970s CIA and Pentagon lost tons of documents and other objects and evidence in drawers and desks when it got thrown out after they buy new furniture. This was in the old days before they had special team that works just on cleaning and double checking these things.

    The Manual goes into incredible detail, it doesn't just inform the person that just got clearance for it. It also manipulates the person justifying all the bad things as in "the people don't deserve better anyway" kind of thing.

    The brackets [] in the manual are present day person comments, not original part of the manual.

    This ladies and gentlemen is literally a start up BIBLE of the Federal Reserve operations and control.
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    The Creature from Jekyll Island

    Do yourself a favor and read the brief reviews at the link below. An exceptionally high rating for it at that site. Huh ? The FED ? Economics ? ...... who would have thunk to read about THAT ?

    600 pages reads like half that much. Definitely a "I could not put it down" book. In a heartbeat, one will actually ENJOY reading about the inception of the FED (amazing story) and Economics in the U.S. It can turn one's mind around about it being a dry subject. At a minimum, it will make an impressive door stop.

    In a heartbeat one can know the book by the brief reviews here:

    If the link does not work, go to and scroll to mid-page to its search window and type the author's name G. Edward Griffin

    It is still available on Amazon, too. Top rating there, too.,stripbooks,317
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    thanks guys both of those are good read