Manual for thinkorswim platform?

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by franj, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. franj


    I just opened an account with thinkorswim and like what I see, but would be happier if there was some manual that came with the platform. Customer service sends me to the page with the few clips on different topics. Nothing explains the platform functions.

    I am not new to trading, so I am playing around but it is taking me ages. I can't even draw a trendline on a chart. I see the Drawings tab. I see the Trendline option, but it's still not working.

    Did I miss something? Is there a manual hidden somewhere?
    How did you all do when you got started with the TOS platform?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. sbriii


    Think or Swim is a powerful platform w/ lots of option/spread-oriented features - but it does take a while to learn. For online manual & tutorials click the "Help" tab then ?Help. Be prepared to go thru some 2-3 times. You can also click "Support/chat" (upper left corner of screen near "Account info") for live chat support. Also, consider calling tech support 866-839-1100 ext. 3290.

  3. LexNY


    TOS is a great platform for active traders. It took me some 2 months to get use to the software. I agree their manual is somehow dismal, if any... I asked them personally at the Traders show and they said it is very hard to create a PDF manual for it.

    The trend line works, but sometimes you need to double click it or something.

    My suggestion is to play around with the software on their Papermoney platform so it doesnt cost you, and once you get comfortable with it, you move on to real money trading.

    I have tried bunch of diff platforms out in the market but havent seen anything as sophisticated, easy to use & pro as TOS. I am futures and equties trader and their software making me learn more about options, which I believe I will start trading someday. they have very educational webinars.
  4. CALL CUSTOMER SUPPORT ????? just made my day.........I cannot even get them to answer any of their published telephone #"S....ok TOS as..wipes/....respond about their great customer service....WHAT A LAUGH....HAHA !!!
  5. They've always returned my call. I'm not on a minute to minute trading quest, so haveing them returned an hour later isn't a bother for me. If you are looking for instant response, I guess it would be a problem.
  6. franj


    Thanks for the replies. I agree with what you said. I am an existing TD Ameritrade customer and they have good manuals, so maybe they'll make one for the platform. In the mean time, I play around with it. But to tell you, I didn't even know that the paper money and the real thing were the same platform. I downloaded and installed papermoney. Then I saw the download for the TOS and downloaded that and it installed papermoney again. Took me a while to see the option at the start.

    And yes, I got the trendline to work. Just by chance, I traced a line, but I couldn't reproduce it. Played and played until I figured you click and click again. Gee, it's like re-inventing the wheel. But it's a nice platform, all the same.
  7. LexNY


    Try their Grid future, this is one of my favorite. You can have 24 charts at the same time with diff tech setups, time frames so on... I am a diff time frame trader so this grid toy is very useful thing for me. They built something new also, flexible grid, which I usually keep my market breath charts . You can open tons of charts at the same time and you can turn your screen in to a Chart World.

    You can easily go nuts with this platform.

    Go to Scan, and choose spread hacker, it will show you other peoples option setups, you need an idea, here we go, ready to go. You dont need to be damn creative you have ready to go meals.

    Good Luck man, this thing blows it.
  8. franj


    Thanks for the tips. I also use use different time frames at the same time, so will sure look at what you said.

    Have you ever played with Money Trek FX? It is for Forex, but I love the platform. Got a trial of it when I did a trial at FXCM. And it has trade practice where it will give you a random chart and you can trade and/or move it forward in time to practice. A lot of fun!
  9. LexNY. I am doing the same, for my TOS account. I have tons and tons of charts. Stupid question, but I am going thru this all morning ... HOW in the heck do I simply delete a chart from a flex grid layout? There use to be little window to add chart below or to the right, or delete. When I reloaded page, it removed these options from each chart. How to get that back, even? Thanks for any tips, that might save me sometime..... ok. i figured it out. just takes sometime digging around and playing with the platform. somewhat non-intuitive, so far.