MAN's AHL is hiring...

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    AHL implements two main managed futures investment programmes - the AHL Diversified Programme and the AHL Institutional Programme. These programmes are quantitative and primarily directional in nature, meaning they seek to identify and take advantage of upward and downward price trends. Investment rules are executed within a systematic framework. Trading takes place around-the-clock and real time price information is used to respond to price moves across a diverse range of global markets encompassing stock indices, bonds, currencies, short-term interest rates and commodities. The instruments traded are primarily futures and OTC foreign exchange forwards and metal contracts. Founded in 1987, AHL has always been underpinned by a strong research ethic. Refinements to the investment process have been as much a feature of the manager's history as the continuity of the AHL investment philosophy and principles - diversification, discipline, efficiency, rigorous risk control and ongoing research.

    Investors favoured managed futures funds, computer-driven funds that spot trends and use futures to take advantage of them. Man AHL, the investment programme owned by hedge fund manager Man Group, increased its assets under management by 22% in the 12 months to June 30, bringing its assets to $25.5bn, which placed it second among Europe’s largest managers.

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