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    This training course includes 12 video tapes and 3 workbooks.

    Read more on their website:

    From Novice Investor to Advanced Trader in Just 3 Power Packed Days! Here you will learn what REALLY MATTERS - EXACTLY how to select the right stocks at the right time, and most importantly, when to sell. These critical skills are left out of almost every major seminar today.

    ...Teaches PROVEN strategies based on years of actual testing. The traditionally taught stock picking strategies simply do not work when applied in the real world.

    ...Presents trading strategies in an UNDERSTANDABLE way. Chris Manning is recognized for his ability to simplify complex investment methods. Unlike other seminars, you will walk away with the tools with confidence.

    This is America's top rated Investment Seminar.

    The three course Mastering Trading Seminar, taught by internationally renowned Technical Analysis expert, Chris Manning, is included in a complete set of videos and workbooks. The contents of the entire course are updated to address today's market conditions. It is identical to that presented to thousands of satisfied customers in major cities in the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom.

    The Seminar is structured in a series of lessons and exercises that provide a comprehensive understanding of the principles of Fundamental and Technical Analysis and how to apply them to achieve extraordinary results in varying market conditions. Hundreds of examples are included as are tools and reference materials.

    The cost of the 3 day seminar on tape is $2495 if purchased from the vendor. The tapes and manuals are in pristine condition. There are few lightly penciled notes, which will be erased if desired by the purchaser.

    This course is rarely on the second-hand market. Offered here for a few days for $895 plus shipping anywhere in USA for $30. Otherwise this will soon be listed on eBay .
  2. From Novice Investor to Advanced Trader in Just 3 Power Packed Days!

    ROFLMAO :D sorry man, I'm not saying that the program isn't good, but that one part is funny.
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    "They" always come out late at night.

    Yo Buckeyek.....Baron SELLS advertising on this site.
  4. A while back I approached Manning's staff to talk about working with them. I was interested in presenting an approach to technical analysis that I thought would fit in nicely with their approach. My impression of the staff was not good. While they displayed an in depth understanding of the dynamics of seminar marketing, thier understanding of technical analysis was not very impressive. The course content was very conservative and (in my opinion) not likely to be of value to any but the rank beginner. I consider the cost expensive for what you get. Ultimately I did not do business with Chris Manning. In fact I was never able to speak with him directly, because his manager insulates him from the public. Unless things have changed dramatically, better value can be had elsewhere. Thank you. Steve46
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    HAHAHAHAHA what a joke.

    Beat it Buckeyek. Peddle your snake oil somewhere else.
  8. Mr. Buck, please rather than copy and paste the promo stuff, tell us what this material did for YOUR trading. Please be honest :)
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    nkhoi -

    eBay cancelled the auction because someone thought I had used too little original material in the description.

    The course is still for sale, and will be relisted in the near future.

    I apologize for any inconvenience.
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