Manipulator defined?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz2, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. that's most of the people on this board, so yes, they would fit that category..
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  2. Market officials say it's impossible to manipulate the market so stop with these bullshits :D

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  3. If it is unintentional, then one is not "manipulating" the market. The reason that stocks move significantly is because people or instituations view a stock as over or under valued, rightly or wrongly. It is speculation, and common perceptions one way or the other (over or undervalue) lead to the stock moving one way or the other. In other words, a stock only moves significantly BECAUSE of people buying or selling, and this is the whole point to the market (to try to get an accurate gauge for the value of a company, and in the process provide investment capital for the companies most worthy of it).
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  4. Something that isn't talked about often is how option market makers play games with stocks trying to get filled on their option orders. Like driving a stock down with huge size in order to get filled on the options side.
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  5. bone

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    I puke on average once per day. I take a loss every day. Do I start a thread on this board and piss and moan about it? No.

    If you feel like you're being victimized, and it's not your fault for the losses, then you have no right calling yourself a trader. Comes with the territory.

    Try a safer profession. You're not cut out for it. Nobody's handing out free money here. Move on. If you can't take on risk and accept both edges of the sword, then quit. Don't blame me and every other market participant for your problems.

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  6. this is to qdz2... you use the word say you get in and "HOPE" the market or manipulators move the market for you...your terminology is scarey...there is absolutely no place for "hope" in a professional trading business...your problem is not manipulators it is your own market psychology...change the psychology i beg you...your playing a suckers game and although i make my money off of many of such sucker ill make an exception here...if you cant spot the sucker are the sucker
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  7. qdz2


    Bone, I suggest you go to see a psychiatrist as you have the tendency to imagine that everyone except you is whining loser.


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    Gimme a break, larry. Do not try to be a hypocrites who is deeply brain-washed. Do not even deny that initial hope when you are trading an odd marginally deviated from 50%. There is one exception. That is except you are a confident manipulator knowing you can move it the way you want.


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  9. 'hope' is a four letter word.
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  10. Manipulators are those that seek to control a market rather than ride the market like everbody else. By this definition, manipulators are simply the biggest fish in the fish bowl and they push the others around by their size. As individuals we are minnows swimming with whales and sharks and if you can't hande that then just buy mutual funds.
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