Manipulator defined?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by qdz2, Feb 14, 2003.

  1. So I guess shorts scrambling in pain and puking out their positions would fall under that category too? Is there a difference to you between manipulation and a strong trend or panic move?
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  2. I try not to think about these things because:

    1) It doesn't affect my strategies, since it's not possible to predict

    2) Manipulation is illegal.

    3) The free flow of capital means that someone can "control" a stock or the market for only a short time.:p :)
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  3. Seems to me the biggest players, by definition 'manipulate' the market by thier very presence. They move it to where they can do the business that needs to be done, then they go away, then they come back to do some more, ad nauseum.

    The market is one big fat Greek wedd..., sorry got confused there.

    The market is one big fat manipulation. Get used to it, or get out.
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  4. bone pretty much ends the discussion...figure out whether the market is for traders, speculators or talk about manipulation is to talk like a sucker...if the market seems to consistently be manipulated then u have found a trend and figure out how to profit from it...stop talking a sucker game...
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  5. Mishka


    Manipulation are banned by law.
    For purpose in studying, understanding and correctly interpreting market action, we must consider any operation a "manufactured". Movement wherein the buying or the selling is sufficiently concerted and coming from interests better informed than the public as to produce the same effects as pure manipulation
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  6. qdz2


    okay, suckers you go away.
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  7. qdz2


    Thanks for the clarification. But I would still like to use the word manipulation. specialists and market makers are doing it all the time since they are better informed in time (seeing the order flow) then the public. And it it manipulators move the market.


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  8. qdz2


    well, okay, let's follow other's suggestion to think the word manipulation is illegal. Then I would correct myself to identify only those orders intentionally to move the market as manipulation.

    How many of you when you execute an order have a clear intention to move the market the way you want? And how many of you just hope the market will go in favor for you by itself or perhaps by manipulators? I am in the latter category.


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  9. qdz2


    Apparently, we just talk about some manipulators. Manipulators are everywhere, in the market and out of the market. They use orders, news, regulations, policies, and other influences by any means to move the market they wanted.

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  10. bone

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    OK, qdz. Thanks for letting me manipulate you.
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