[Manipulation] The downside has not been confirmed yet.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by TILT2, May 26, 2013.

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    The manipulators are very cunning, don't easily be fooled by the so called "key reversal day". They could deliberately fake a top on last Thursday then have the market have a second higher top then go down. If so, it shows but only shows that the market is maniputing market. I mark my words here.
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    I just have a feeling that after 2008, there are less retail traders, thus, more hedge funds, banks, big players, which makes this market more manipluative. The more players in the market, the relatively more fair/less manipulative the market is. That explains the low volume/much less volume than before from one perspective. Sad.
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    And this won't stop even when there is no retail trader in the market. Just like the market doesn't really need any news to go up or go down. It is really because they can stick together, buy and sell, by doing so they suck the money printed by Fed to their pockets, just like what they have been doing.
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    Recent past, the last 11 months or so, has always had a fed member speak out shortly
    after FOMC or minutes when there has been any market confusion/volatility to their message. It has been clear their message has been " we want the market to continue to go up". Haven't had a fed member even had to speak yet. Still classic bull market behavior of opening low last two days and finishing very strong.
    If Dow down next week a 200 point day and the fed is silent, ( this is not possible is it?),
    Then maybe something has changed.
  5. To the op, I have a feeling I have been trading at least twice as long as you have been alive.
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    Stocks future are going up now...
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    Tsing Tao

    You should open a twitter account. It would seem that internet medium is more suited for the vapid posting you do.

    Besides, it's Tuesday. The market ALWAYS goes up on Super Tuesday.
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  9. OP isn't wrong.

    Who would expect this up move today. Certainly not I. At least not to this extent.

    Is there no top ever; or to re-phrase - no meaningful correction before moving to new highs.

    I have been playing FAS and it's crazy. I can never sell enough puts or do enough bullish ratio spreads (calls] to avoid this nonsense. That is, easy to get faked out. Just like n the NBA. Even the best get fooled every game
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    Top call

    Home prices jumped too fast, it will only go down from here.
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