Manipulation on Intrade today

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  1. "... Was this just someone who made a bad trade? Or was somebody trying to influence Intrade odds in order to sway perceptions of the race? And, if so, was it worth $1,250 to jolt the markets for less than 10 minutes?"

    By the author's own admisssion, there's no proof the buyer was trying to manipulate the market. What's the point of the article?
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    The anti-American left must be really scared. There latest complaint is that Intrade is being manipulated.
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    There's nothing to it on either side. Not sure why anyone pays any attention to intrade. Would any trader trust that any index is efficiently priced if he could cause an 8% rally with a tiny $14K buy order?

    The only thing worth noting is that the longer term trend there has the race getting tighter almost every day.
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    Obama is down to 53% right now so the left can take the conspiracy theory and jam it up their ass.
  6. The America hating right wingers are soiling their pants. And it seems they can't tell the difference between their, they're and there.

    What the fuck else is new in righty whitey dumboville. They hate America so much they want to destroy it and milk dry. But not before they have
    their fill of anonymous gay sex.
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    Hitting the bong again eh?
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    America hating right wingers? Lets play guess that quote.

    "No, no, no, not God bless America, God damn America!".

    Who said this?
    Right winger or left winger?

    Who supported the person who made this comment?

    Right winger or left winger?
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    The grammar police again. Oh no. When you get your ass completely smoked you seek a consolation prize.
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