Manipulation again

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    It is clear that big investment houses manipulate the market trying to recoup their losses at the expense of retail traders and small funds. They pushed the market up for two days and sucked everyone in and came out today announcing bigger subprime losses. Why today and not three days ago? It seems like their accounting departments act in synch with their progam trading.

    The SEC appears to be a hostage of this situation unable to do anything to protect investors from these manipulators.

  2. Don't look for an excuse if you lose money. "Market manipulation" is not to blame.
  3. There is no manipulator other than government; you have gotten listening to it;

    Clearly; it has shown its employment number on Jan 4th; It is the Big Freaking Stop sign for anyone try to long.

    Don't blame other; Blame yourself for your lose.
  4. its not manipulation if you understand how the market works.
  5. Your logic is flawed. If the all powerful big investment houses manipulate markets, they would not have astronomical subprime losses to begin with.

  6. yoo arr manipulatwhore
  7. No on loses money on ET its a free forum
  8. True.

    These institutional traders manipulate markets. GOLDMAN SACHS came out with the news of a recession on Tuesday! We know that Fed will cut rates and there may never be a recession! That piece drove the markets down 200 points though! Pretty savvy enh? Just imagine how those tight fisted bankers laughing at their desks !!

    They constantly upgrade , downgrade equities , they issue opinions while at the same time having positions in various equities making vast amounts at your expense and losses!

    What makes me wonder how come a retail trader is so stupid?

    How come he allows himself to be manipulated and loses money? How come you can't run with the elephants? How come you are not smart? Why the hell do you come to the market to be taken in ? Get your own resources and do your own thinking.

  9. Market manipulation is way to let you stand aside and let them move the markets the way they want. Some days its credit problems, some days its sub prime mess, some days its recession. The word "recession" strikes a deep chord in average Joe traders account- wipes out a little bit when he panics and sells...
  10. Sheesh. I can already see it. Class action lawsuit against all major brokers/institutions and the federal government for "market manipulation."

    I suggest you never venture into FX trading. You ain't seen nothing until you see the Bank of Japan and their Ministry of Finance intervening.
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