Manipulating DDE link in excel.

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  1. I use DTN ProphetX as my charting/quotation software. I use excel for more advanced analysis by pasting DDE links into cells.

    For example, the Bean 620 calls:

    (then I paste special as 'csv' or 'link.'

    How can turn part of that link into a variable that points to a cell in excel? I've tried a few different things, and can get the link to look right in excel, but can't get the link to display the data itself.

    Anyone know how to do this?

  2. welcome to the dde interface!

    That is exactly one of its many limitations. The only way around it is to write a macro that creates the dde formulas on the fly.

    Some API providers create a wrapper utility to do this, others provide and RTD interface aswell/instead.

    Hope it helps.
  3. I never considered writing a macro to change these things - thanks for the tip. I've recently started trading a wider range of contracts and am tired of manually updating everything.

    Essentially, I'm trying to save myself some time when option/futures months roll forward. I've been copying/pasting every bloody piece of data and it's quite time consuming.
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    in a future version of ProphetX you will be able to drag and drop directly from the options page to your spreadsheet. In the most current version you can do this already from a quote sheet. There is a work-around to make options dde easier. 1. Right click in a quote sheet cell and select Advanced Request. Select Options Chain and enter the symbol root and month (ex: cz for Dec, corn)
    and press return - this will return all active strikes for the Dec corn contract. The easiest way to drag and drop is to have the spreadsheet open and minimized on your start bar - then highlight the cells you want to link, click and drag the mouse pointer to the mimimized icon and wait a second for the spreadsheet to open - then drop it in the cell where you want to start pasting. That's it!
  5. Whatever you're trying to do, your English is not very clear. Would you rephrase that so others may better understand your objective(s)?

  6. I think i see what you want...

    note... I use esignal dde so the formula will be in esig style but still applies to what your are trying to do...

    If you put a formula into an the excel cell A1 like just below...

    ="=WINROS|last!" & B1

    and in the B1 cell you put MSFT or IBM then it will concatenate it for you... you can do this to the middle of a dde formula or the beginning or the end, etc...

    this way you only have to replace the B1 value and re input the formula and activate it to pull the values you want...

    this way you can change out all the old options for the new ones...

    or write VB code in the VB editor that pulls from a table and inputs to the correct cells each month... people call it macros but its VB code (VBA)...

    you have to play with this a little but i think this is what you would need to do...





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    Sorry -
    1. open and minimize your spreadsheet.
    2. In ProphetX open a quote sheet
    3. Right click in a ticker symbol and select Advanced Request
    4. In the dialog for adv. req select Futures option chain
    5. Enter the symbol root and the futures month code (ex. CZ for Dec corn)
    6. Press Enter
    You'll return to the quote sheet that is now populated with all the options strikes for Dec corn.
    7. highlight the data you want to link
    8. Click and drag the highlighted data to the minimzed spreadsheet icon on your start button - hold it there for a second while the spreadsheet opens.
    9. Drop it into the cell where you want to start copying
    Your data is now dde linked and will update when the data changes.