Manic Depressive Cycle

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  1. Just a month ago, on Jan 6 S&P traded at 935. At that time many pundits declared "again" that bottom has been made, and we are going to have big rally (economy was seen to improve considerably in second half). Market rallied in the face of bad job report and others!

    Now, gloom is again taking over despite the announcement of 8B stimulus. There is a talk of retesting on Nov lows.

    If you would have sold all the rallies and bought lows in last 2 months, you would have money. I wonder if this still a valid strategy.
  2. Very interesting. But are you just looking to discuss various general economic points or do you have something insightful and relevant to day trading? Ie, a chart, TA, statistics, etc.?
  3. Unfortunately, I don't have day trading strategy. But my logic is that because I have seen this, many others must have seen this too. So most likely this strategy is not going to work, and we should have a significant up or down move soon.
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    Wow, up...or...down eh?

  5. Thanks to options, such calls can be made profitably.

    However, I'm inclined to think down. Positioned for it.
  6. You obviously didn't read the entire post: he said a significant move ...
  7. Well, into chit-chat we go. I tried.
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    My bad, I stand erected.

    (as in significantly Up)