maniac loose on ET

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gordon Gekko, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. he goes by the names, "TM_Direct" and "burnin," possibly others.

    you are a first class I-D-I-O-T.
  2. I think you are going ' bye bye' on us here.....I have barely posted in three weeks and have made a couple of casual remarks in 'fun' about you and now im finding out that you are convinced im 'burnin' and stalking you???? and now you are putting our PM conversation from two months ago on the board? I thought we resolved the differences but clearly you have issues....besides.....WHO CARES?????

    Besides Gordon and there anyone else who even CARES about our personal disagreements? Im not delusional enough to believe that the rest of ET really CARES about our personal on the other hand think that there are posters out there who actually CARE about what you say..LOL....

    ...PSsst.....Gordo.....a little secret for you....NOBODY CARES....go back back to your moms brest and have a nice cup of cream and try to focus on trading and not religion.
  3. obviously you do, scumbag, or you wouldn't be stalking me on ET and sending threats to me.

    have fun rebutting this, moron!:D
  4. dbphoenix


    whine . . . whine . . . whine . . .

  5. Go back and check ...for three weeks i barely posted and you were starting threads about me an Burnin .....Question: Do you really think Nitro or MarketSurfer or the many other posters here really care about you and I???,,,

    Gordo,,,Im only saying this because I care....But you need to get into therapy....despite what your mother tells you, 24 years olds should not be breast feeding three times a day....after all, this isn't Arkansas.:D ....have you ever been to the neverland ranch??
  6. who do you think you are, johnny cochran? that doesn't prove sh!t.

  7. Oh so being anti Semitic isn't enough for your a racist to boot?...:D

    Maybe you are form Arkansas....racist, anti semite, incest....ok , my trailer park types don't know better..:D
  8. first hitler bullsh!t, now i'm racist? you're the biggest piece of sh!t on ET.

    i will never reply to your sorry ass again.

  9. TODAY.....Today

    I consider myself.....

    the luckiest man in the world:D
  10. Now, hold on here a gosh darned NY minute. Any other stalking that occurs would violate my patented monopoly on the same.:( :eek: :( :eek::mad::mad: :mad:
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