Mandlebrot and Taleb on the stuff hitting the fan.

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    Not sure what to make of this.

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  2. Mandlebrot is my brother and my soldier in arms, and I will always have his back.

    Mandlebrot 2012!!! :cool:

    The shit IS HITTING THE FAN. This isn't the stuff of doomsday bunker-types, anymore.

    We're not in Kansas anymore.

    Bernanke sees 'crumbling economy:'

    Home prices continue to plunge:

    Credit card companies cut WAY back on dope pushing:

  3. Taleb is just advertising for his fund. We had two black swans in two weeks - +15% and +12% gains, the solid bottom won't be re-tested for at least a month.
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    Fractals have a recursive definition. If in fact markets are fractal, then guess what, fear mongering feeds back on itself recursively, and perpetuates the trend. That's what I make out of that video.

    That is why governments intervene and the FED was given larger powers after the Great Depression. Left alone, markets would be self-similar.

    If you really want to break the bear, start with yourself, and don't panic. Selling begets selling.

  5. Fractals describe the level on which events transpire.

    True. What happens on the Macro level is what effects change on all of the lower fractals.

    False. What happens on a lower fractals has no bearing on what happens on a higher fractal. What happens on a higher fractal is what has bearing on a higher fractal. For the markets to stabilize the economy must stabilize, and for that to happen the culture of rampant and selfish destructive human greed has to be brought to a halt.

    Same old, same old, for hundreds of centuries.

  6. I read he stopped with his fund ...
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    Nonsense, you cant beat human nature. try bringing to a halt humans tendency to have sex or wars. its an almost impossible task. If you ever succeed you create a problem on its own: a world nobody wants to live in. you might only be able to get there thought tiranny and that wont last long
  8. Yep Daal, I agree with you absolutely 100%.

    All of my book knowledge and life experience confirms what you say ... in which case, you know what this leads to. :eek:
  9. The most important line in that interview is near the end when Mandelbrot says, "Everything is possible".
  10. It's on our doorstep right now... the Hussein NObama presidency... :(
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