Mandatory Gov. Spending Exceeds All Gov. Receipts for 2011

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    This isn't ALL Obama's fault but he is doing zilch to get us out of this mess and instead is making it worse.

    Mandatory (entitlement) spending as a percentage of total federal receipts, by year, according to published White House figures:

    1970: roughly 33 percent
    2000: 47 percent
    2005: 61 percent
    2010: 90 percent
    2011: 101 percent
  2. I've read that Oprah has all the money. We have to tax her.
  3. There is a simple solution- increase the length of the "year".

    Also on a simpler scale.

    These %'s could represent the cost of goods/mandated expenses to produce a "widget". A company can remain in business by taking out a loan to continue doing business losing 1% on every transaction till that company runs out of credit.
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    Say What?

    I do agree with your choice of salutations though, Meg. :D