Managing two broadband connections

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Runningbear, Apr 21, 2003.

  1. I been looking around for products that allow you to manage two broadband connections and I found this product that a few of you guys may find of interest. This router allows you to have two connections running, such as a cable connection and a DSL connection. When the primary goes down it automatically switches to the second connection for seamless redundancy.
    Pretty cool for traders!

    If anyone knows of similar type products, please post a link.


  2. Banjo


  3. Neat products! make a hole in a Firewall, for my Firewire. can I use a Firedrill? :cool:
  4. Kermit


    Runningbear, Banjo:

    Thanks for sharing the info! I could definitely use this feature as I have both a Cable and a DSL connection; but currently going into two different computers. Do you know if this has any impact on personal firewalls like ZoneAlarm Pro (or the other way around)?

  5. Kermit,

    Im not completely sure how the product would work with a software firewall. I haven't purchased yet. Still evaluating the options.