Managing the "herd" - are you standing at the milkstation?

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Gringinho, Sep 21, 2008.

Are you happy with the milking machine and the "farm" treating you nicely?

  1. My teats are hurting!!!!

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  2. I am grassing all day long... bring it on...

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  3. What? Are there elitist managers. They know best...

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  4. USA! USA! USA! USA!

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  1. Are you being milked by the "elite managers"?
    "carry out extending our prosperity and economic freedom"

    If you guys look through the research programs and what kind of speciality fields the researches have - do you get a perception that you are being "managed" into alignment... contributing towards the flow of the "milk"? (moloko plus, Clockwork Orange)
  2. Yeah... stick your head in the sand while chanting, "USA, USA, USA"... LOL (pathetically)
  3. You guys should FORCE Ron Paul to become President of the United States...

    Get integrity and intelligence back at the top, making tough and good decisions.
  4. TGregg


    Have you lost your mind? A third of Ron Paul supporters where libtards that wanted an anti-war candidate on the other side. A third were troofers who think Bush planned 9/11 so he could steal Iraq's oil. And the final third were for smaller government.

    I guess RP would have a better chance of getting elected than I would, but not much.

    A candidate who doesn't promise to give away the store to voters has aboslutely zero chance of getting elected. Why do you think the GOP left the small government "bandwagon"? Cuz there ain't nobody pulling it. Everybody wants more from the government and they think somebody else will pick up the tab. We're ordering the 36 year old scotch and the best champagne, figuring the tab will be so high that we can't possibly pay it and somebody else will have too.
  5. TGregg,
    with every respect - what you guys need is INTEGRITY - TRUST.

    You are swamped right now with systemic bias and corruption controlling the "flow of the markets and resources".
    Your whole US society is directed so that cancerous clusters can keep sucking you dry.

    If there is something that Ron Paul has - it is integrity and brains. Something McCain never had.

    Corruption is something that - just like cancer - will eat you up from the inside. It erodes your brain and fills it with "happy gas" making you "lift off" from the ground. Now that the lights are on - you can see how far down it really is... unless it got to your EYES too.

  6. Hehehehehe,
    I am laughing hard here ...

    You guys are so brainwashed and indoctrinated that you couldn't lift a finger to scratch your own noses.

    Can't any of you see what a SYSTEM is? Or understand what systemic BIAS is?
  7. ..and by your keen powers of insight from your vantage point, what is your recommendation/prediction for the common class of people.

    Please spell this out for me 'cause I'm from lineage of the working class.

  8. It is a bit of a read, but here you go ....

    Basically -

    Please note - a representative direct democracy means that you elect representatives from a direct-democracy party to congress, senate etc... and then these representatives vote in accordance to your factions and weighting.

    It is more complicated than that, but all the intrinsics of a direct voting system is much about a trust-network. It is rather technical - and there are a lot of articles on CiteSeer on electronic voting, security, privacy etc.

    There are many issues - but they are all figured out - however, getting a foot in the door will be difficult to say the least - in the United States. Some other countries already have emerging E-democracy political parties.

    In the end it is all about YOU - the voters - and the elitists are very afraid about the challenge and power of the Internet and free democracy emerging in the world.