Managing orders from Excel --> TT X_Trader

Discussion in 'Trading Software' started by Bernard111, Feb 27, 2008.

  1. Anyone tried a similar approach?

    X_Trader provides the RTD feature to export the MD quotes in realtime to Excel; but is there a way to manage orders from Excel --> TT X_Trader?

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  3. It appears to be possible to send orders from Excel using the XTAPI. However, a comment in the forum from an administrator indicates that TT does not recommend nor support such usage....i.e. you are on your own if any problems arise.
  4. Maybe TradeBullet can perform the trick. This is what their tech support told me:

    >>TB receives orders from Excel and relays them via TT FIX to the TT FIX adapter.

    X_Trader is not in the loop.

    You would use the TB DLL API to generate the orders from Excel.>>
  5. The Tradebullet API will work with Excel. However, I would be concerned about the fact the API has not been upgraded since August 2007. Also, for IB/TWS, it requires a fairly old TWS release.
  6. Do you mean they have no particular interest to keep on software development up-to-date with main trading platforms?