managing OPM through a setup with a prop firm, 2 accounts

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Copernicus, Sep 11, 2005.

  1. i was talking to some people this weekend, and heard about this set up.

    2 accounts at a prop firm. one in traders own name, leveraging own money, another set up by outside party with given authorization to trade in. the outside party is interested in certain % return per month, above that profits are split.

    Since OPM is not leveraged, the returns could be audited and a track record of managing money could be established.

    anybody trading this way?
  2. Perseus


    No but I'll let you try it. Create an account with my name on it with full legal rights and access, put in a million, and I'll tell good stories about you.
  3. only qualified need to apply.
  4. pjbreen


    If you don't need the leverage just do it in a retail account.
  5. An old question, but an interesting question for PROPers thinking about OPM...
  6. If you don't need leverage why put the money in an unregulated prop.
    Put it at a regulated b/d and run it with a POA.
  7. And if you do need leverage?