Managing Mind/Body

Discussion in 'Psychology' started by BA_Trader, Aug 31, 2004.

  1. comment 1) You made 5 condescending remarks and then justified them
    by saying that I should be preapred to face consequences. If
    consequences are condescending remarks then this is a threat.

    2) reality check = your opinion on reality. (please read lead post)

    3) I am not complaining. I am mirroring what you are saying.

    There is still no value in these comments DB.
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  2. dbphoenix


    1. You mean that my attempts at condescension succeeded and are no longer merely attempts? :)

    2. You mean that this isn't a public message board? I knew I should have taken that left at Albuquerque . . .

    3. Glad to hear you're not complaining. Complaining is for sissies, or so I hear . . . :)

    A continued nice day to you, BA :)
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  3. comment 1) specualtion.

    2) an astute observation.

    3) How is it ineffecient?

    4) specualtion based on limited data.

    5) Fine, your opinion. Discuss it in a different thread if you want to
    follow this line.

    6-7) perfectly fine comments.
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  4. Thanks for your super response. I'm just beginning to nail a few things down here.
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  5. OK -- I'm responding to anyone else who is reading this thread.
    What DB is doing here is turning what I was doing into a game. He thinks
    I was using a debate tactic to undermine what he was saying. So he
    is trying to use the same tactic to "win" ... along with other tactics

    I wasn't trying to win... I was trying to differentiate speculation
    and opinion (or simple insults or sarcasm) from things that can lead
    to fruitful discussion.

    Edit: Sarcasm, insults, opinions and speculation are something Jack
    was discussing in his "general comment" post. It's What Wasn't that? at
    work again.

    I'm really seeing how establishing a baseline and looking for deviations
    is a real killer way to do things.
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  6. dbphoenix


    Win?? You take yourself too seriously, BA. I've enjoyed this thread enormously. Watching somebody and his aliases argue with somebody else and HIS aliases is a riot

    Tampa's departure left a void which you guys are beginning to fill nicely. Press on. :)
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  7. comment 1) if you are doing what you are doing for entertainment
    then you take others too lightly, DB. I'm taking your words at face
    value because that's all that is on the table here.

    Determining face value with people is not easy. By contrast, the market
    is just so pure.

    I am developing a face value skill because it helps me do something
    else better.

    2) see comment 1.
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  8. dbphoenix


    Indeed. That's what makes it all so entertaining.

    Incidentally, I like all the See Comment # stuff. Adds a certain tone . . . :)
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  9. DB -- this conversation has inadvertently helped me break through
    something I've been puzzling over off and on for months.

    Thanks, you've been a big help.

    Sorry, the comment # stuff is over -- I don't need it anymore. I can annotate silently.
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  10. dbphoenix


    You're welcome.

    And no charge. :)
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