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    Quote from Rahula Gautama:

    As is the norm with your teasing non-references to yourself over the years, searching on "jack hershey" and "organic farming" yields absolutely nothing. Sort of like your books. "Kokomo and Bogart" works great though, as do other family references which I will not violate your privacy to cite. Care to provide a more specific reference to your organic greatness? Or was your work primarily in fertilizers, like bullshit?

    Try the guinnes book of records.

    Go to organics and waste

    Go to fermentation of anaphase

    Go to sufactant carrier transfers.

    Go to oil shale nutrient extraction and trace mineral composition.

    Google on anaphase fermentation

    The Hershey cited here died in 1997....oops
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  2. That was brain death only.
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  3. Since the atmosphere in here is just so warm and fuzzy and
    inviting... I'll venture a question.

    Jack: I'm experiencing an odd thing. Essentially my performance
    made a quantum leap in a relatively short time.

    I have a defense mechanism acting up here that is saying:
    "don't believe your own eyes" ! Also... I am thinking along
    the lines of... this feels too easy... it must be luck.

    Any thought on this? I'd be interested to know your thoughts
    on what mechanisms are at play here... and you are familiar
    enough with my public progress to know the possibilities.

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  4. Another observation:

    After months of monitoring daily, I'm finding that my memory has
    improved noticeably and I generally "notice" a lot more than I
    used to during off market time.

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  5. mgin


    I can second this and I welcome your response as well. My defense mechanism came in the form of a near panic attack after a religious experience recently...a totally controlled, rythmic entry/reversal/exit (and I've had several since). It was a 40 minute trade and I'd never stayed in the market more than 5 minutes before your posts. The implications that something may be working for me put me into a state of paralysis and I couldn't open my charts for 2 days, afraid I would screw up again and it was all a dream. It's almost like I'm refusing to allow myself to accept any improvement so I've created a failure comfort zone. I would like to know how does one gain enough proficiency or positive re-enforcement to overcome this. In time, I'd like to trade full time but I'm currently relatively comfortable financially (but OBVIOUSLY not comfortable enough :D) so this is a big double whammy mind job for me. As you said in a prior post, the transition is very possible but the hazzards along the way are where the gotchas are.
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  6. This and the next post fit together.

    Doing self assessment is very important and necessary.

    If you ever look at a persons Equity Curve and it is real you notice that it is not smooth and that it shift to the better in a variation in slopes.

    What is going on now is not the above. The assessment for making money and the assessment for a healthy Mind/body are originated in different assessment ways.

    You purposefully look at your making money progress. As you see it you are a "quant" now. There are about 8 quants. Each time you put in place a new plateau of "trading" you get one.

    Several of the things you get under your belt give the "this is to easy" message. This is "skill memory" showing up for you.

    This post is incomplete and you popped another post in to get completion.

    the thing that we always need to spread before us is the learning sequence. It begins with facts. Book stuff maybe. You do the mind work on the facts. In ET you see a bogus statement that goes like: "you have to discover what works for you". What this means is a person either succeeds in learning how to use the facts or he does not. Anyone can trade this way; it is just a mechanical detailed apporach.

    The mind work done, you get to begin to "use" the facts in the "application" your mind worked through. Now you have two paths in place in your mind. In residence in parts of the brain as traces (series of cells) are the facts. and elsewhere the application traces.

    We go into repeated use of the "Applications". You read how that use of the mind is exponential. 5 repetitions give you 20 trace sets in your brain neocortex. The mind is roughly empty; it loves to play chess with what comes it's way.

    Since we are using anti- everything with respect the "the stress response" you get to use a set of neuro transmitters the brige the snapse gaps with the "good" neuro transmitters that replace the kind associated with "the stress response". Your biochemical supplies are being replenished effectively as well it turns out. You have much less stress and you are more functional with respect to health etc.

    Short time is the time for "before" to "after" to complete.

    You are having an excessive reaction (which is great too) to performance that happens to be the opposite kind of stimulation to the stress response. You do have left over biochemical production and your sensory, left hemisphere is where those free radicals are circulating looking for synapses to "grease". You may get "associated" success memories popping up. A lot of ET failure types here "get laid" to replace the the trading "bad's" with the success biochemicals they have learned to generate by "having their way". A neat nonremedial way of having success.

    So the making money performance assessment is one thing. And the other recognition you are being given by yourself is your mind/matter successes. The new traces you are building are analytical ones related to measuring mental improvements. It is easier to use your mind. KISS is not what it is really said to be actually. KISS turns out to be superior metal performance instead of "Keep It Simple stupid".

    So you encounter the normal analytical scepticism that you have for all other new broadening and growth experiences. The combo of "not believing senses" is an old reliable trace for you. So is the luck tracing. I do not have a lot of "work for money" life experience, but I do know of the "work ethic" venue where people think that strong work effort is somehow connected to getting rich. So if you have traces on work ethic and you see money, it must be a windfall (luck). There is a "seeing is believing" trace that you must have and it will be coming along soon as a confirmation.

    nwbprop got two wocka's yesterday. All his trades were holds and the were knocking down multi points. Going from multi tick to multi point is wocka wocka. Having it for 20 contracts is plus wocka as the French say. So expect these transitions.

    The strategy thread will go into the adding contracts phase soon. If dailies are showing a 1/4 contract profit per day, then we move into that.

    Personally I am in the guardian trap. early on, one turkey guardian accused me of posting fabricated print sets and the other guardian (also a turkey) says I never posted anything. LOL. We will use adding contracts as a way to cover "transference".

    So here we are. There are several people who "see" it and are getting ready to Just Do It. As this gets to happen more and more each day as repetition of success sets in. All of you will be nudging each other into the cerebellum trace building. This is the location of kinesthetic memory or "skill memory". The stories you occasionally hear about "Man, I got to watch that guy trade!!!!" are "skill memory" demonstrations. The smaller cerebellum is where the repetition of traces begins after there are many "greased" traces that have been built by repetition using the normal mind work over and over (in both hemispheres of the cerebrum.). Gaussians are designed to get "mind greasing" to begin. So are extended traverses, because they "create" notations 1, 2, 3.

    So at some point, you are so effective that the sports memory part of your brain begins traces as you repeat stuff that is in "hindsight" a "quant". All of a sudden (after months) you are not even "thinking" about it, you are just doing it. Riding the trading bike, and hitting the trading 96mph hardball.

    If you read DKM, he is there and just a little out of synch. When he synchs (slows down a little) he will be building "skill" memory

    If everyone would do 20 days of old YM charts from am to pm with each and every guassian and corresponding traverse and channel (do each 1/2 of a gaussian just after you extend parallelogram lines), they would be giddy with emotions and a "runner's high". Your minds are awakening to do their potentials.

    You are beginning to activate your "skill memory" and I am realizing I got this thread started "just in time".
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  7. cute jest. Read the sentence before your first quoted one. It is auditory.

    I have passed on ALL the trivial screwups posted by people like you (B group). this is an exception.

    Get with it, being cute is stupid.
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  8. Jack -- thanks for the reply... I'm going to mull this one over after
    dinner tonight.

    First pass has already given me plenty of food for thought -- in particular
    the "work for money" and work ethic stuff... my father was a high end
    white collar guy with blue collar roots. So I'm part of a transition for that

    Interesting aside really -- because this value is generally imparted in
    childhood it takes 3 generations to fully break the chain.

    Thanks again!
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  9. para 1) hmmm 5 repetitions for 20 trace sets... that's 400% per
    cycle...errr I mean repetition... and I am in charge of the cycle repeat
    rate?? let me think.. where I have seen this powerful concept at
    work before :D.

    para 2) this particular aspect of things is what I was being astonished
    by today. Of course I wasn't fully on automatic (I'm still building my app
    traces) -- based on what I'm reading here -- I am getting my first taste
    of what I've been tracing out.

    I'm doing my homework on the topics here that I don't know much about.
    However -- from a pragmatic point of view what you are saying here
    matches up perfectly with my personal experience and this is what
    really counts at the end of the day.

    Based on my rudimentary poking around -- we've all heard the story
    about imagining practicing basketball shots and how it improves the skill.
    If I imagine the act of monitoring and trading as a purely physical
    activity is this going to stimulate my cerebellum to participate more
    readily in building traces? Have you tried this with other mentees?

    Interesting stuff.

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  10. I've been noticing a similar influence on my stuff, although the family dynamics are different. Parents are both Ph.D.'s.. Dad rejected his father's Weberian 'protestant ethic' and interest in business (granddad started as a kid picking cotton, and sold out his management consulting firm in the 80's). Mom's side of the family is Catholic, and she's not entirely sure that money isn't evil. They are both aging hippies, and they both kick serious a** in their fields, in an applied sense, and I'm enormously proud of them.

    I have noticed that other things 'creep in' when my trading starts to go well. Particularly a few weeks ago when I had a couple of great days (1.x * range), it felt "just too easy" and things predictably went to hell shortly thereafter.

    More recently (in the other thread), as my win rate has crept above 50% across 3-4 weeks, and I've strung together a couple of gross positive weeks (and net +$0.02 this week, lol), I've started missing my alarm and finding excuses to take days/afternoons off, etc. Part of this is related to the start of the new semester (I'm only taking one course though, so I can continue working on stuff), and I've just been hired as a waiter (nights) so I can meet most of my expenses without continuing to raid my savings. But it's awfully coincidental that all this stuff needs to be taken care of when I might be getting the hang of things wrt trading.

    Point being, I thought I had kicked the 'money is unimportant/evil' thing by becoming a consultant during the internet boom (how else do you rebel against parents who think you don't smoke enough pot?), but perhaps that sentiment, like a muscle memory, still hangs around in my head.

    Sometimes it helps to just take a step back, review my numbers, my td's, and my charts, and realize that I've improved a lot since joining the thread, and that consistently doing the same work, and more, will take me along that path.

    Just my (hard-earned) $0.02 ramble..

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