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  1. Jack, I think all these detractors are the same guy.

    Thomas Jackson
    Arthur Deco
    Emil Kraepelin
    Wiles Welder
    Joe Doaks
    Duref Mudgins
    Rahula Gautama

    He also goes by hypostomus and is probably a bunch more of the 27,000+ "members" of this site. LOL

    Notwithstanding the fact that he thinks psychology is his turf, he seems emotionally unbalanced and determined to distract others from learning from you. For what reason, I don't know. Just an FYI.
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  2. Try the guinnes book of records.

    Go to organics and waste

    Go to fermentation of anaphase

    Go to sufactant carrier transfers.

    Go to oil shale nutrient extraction and trace mineral composition.
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  3. We know all those names and we know his primary life activity is playing with his mind. He thinks you do author look ups with nicknames too. Soo sophomoric.

    This will not peter out; but we get to redo it anyway as a tight document later. I let him know that I was finished handling him.

    It is strange that he did not know how the cerebellum works. I used freshman standard examples.
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  4. So you can't search; what else is new.
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  5. i find this very funny, the arguments over "chunking" and NLP...

    as a psychologist and historian of psychological research, rest assured that George Miller, a Princeton psychologist was the father of cognitive psychology, research on memory and noting the chunking method of recall.

    i think NLP [by its founders own admission] borrows ideas from different fields, including psychology and sort of blends together [rather successfully] a method of motivating yourself and achieving goals.

    ...but what does all of this matter?????
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  6. Thanks for the clarification. It only matters if you can't stand frauds.
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  7. Searching on John Hershey (I forget if your MI is T or C) and those keywords yields absolutely nothing. But add the keyword "bullshit"... As always, you never provide a link. Why? Because even YOU couldn't find one! Environmentalist? Designer of trails in national forests? Somebody who designed trails certainly would leave one. The only place you exist is in that crummy little house in Tucson and in your own mind.

    The key factor in this thread is that, even with my help, you are only generating 20 hits per post, and most of those are me editing my own stuff.
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  8. Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Please! Shut up and let Mr. Hershey dig himself deeper. It will be far more entertaining without your cavilling.
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  9. Lao Tzu

    Lao Tzu

    Mr. Hershey. First, I must object to your statement that "most likely it was something you saw with your eyes". Specifically, I have my most important signals coded as auditory alerts, as I am primarily auditory, what you have called before a "linguistic weenie". You betray a deep gap in your own perception of mental action with your constant references to the visual and the kinesthetic, ignoring the auditory.

    Second, to focus on the final output of a mathematical trading decision as visual misses the point. It could equally well come to you from a buzzer up your ass. The important thing is the intricate calculations which prededed it and the subtle market knowledge which informed those algorithms. The intelligence occurs in the system design, not in the ultimate trading punch.
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  10. You soooo smart for round eye! Nice to know who we tlade aglainst!
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