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    To quote Jack's post:

    "The classic example is edge trading with singular signal indicators for entry and then not knowing how to handle exits because of fear of losses."

    "The three wavelenghts (sic) that coaches and teachers use are related to auditory memory, visual memory and kinesthetic memory."

    I didn't see you complain that HIS post was OT. I merely responded to his gambits.

    And don't mistake this forum for the Strategy forum. The smartest people on ET post here and we have zero tolerance for illogic and personal bombast. If you can't take care of yourself here with reason, wit, and style, no one will help you. This is a no whining zone.
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  2. I believe you are confusing intuition and blind intuition.

    Jack mentioned hitting a baseball. A batter does a lot of training to
    get to the point where he can intuitively nail a ball moving at
    96mph. How do you suggest he gets to that point?

    "explicit and continual attention" is a pathway to developing intuition.
    I'm using your words to answer.

    The last part of this post degrades into weird accusations and what appears
    to be pent up frustration. Vent it elsewhere please.

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  3. BA, if you keep responding to this fish and jam up my inbox, I'll have to unsuscribe to this thread! LOL
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  4. Roanoke


    I merely referred to various manifestations of zoning and not zoning. As to trading becoming as intuitive as hitting a baseball, what beginning hitter ever "swept":

    the ball's current velocity is X

    the ball's current spin is Y

    the ball's current altitude is Z

    the ball's acceleration/deceleration in four dimensions is alpha, beta, gamma, and delta.

    You swing at the damned thing! It's visual and kinesthetic. There is absolutely NO kinesthetic element in trading except for your body's responses to your own emotional reactions.
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    Don't think of the poster, think of the logic of the poster. Kings kept court jesters for a reason. I have yet to see much of a reasoned rebuttal to my challenges. Besides, if you didn't have me for an audience, who else would pay attention to you? All I see here is the faithful. And who appointed BA Jack's protector? Let Jack answer for himself!

    To cite your self-imposed rules:

    "Dissention or disagreement is welcome if presented in a civil
    manner and substantiated through an argument that is more
    sophisticated than pure personal opinion."

    My comments are civil and I presented the best logical arguments I am capable of given the mushiness and intellectual muddiness of the topic.
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  6. As the thread originator you are not likely to see me complaining that Jack's
    post are OT. LOL. Read the lead post (again).

    Your other comments are some sort of turf threator something. Not
    sure what you are doing besides puffing up your feathers.

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    I stand by my logical challenges and my "no whining" challenge. You ain't in Kansas on this Forum.
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    Put succinctly, the Psych Forum is the graveyard where bullshit comes to die.
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  9. Now you are getting somewhere Roanoke!

    Keep this post as a model for future postings :D.

    What does every kid baseball player get told? Keep your eye on
    the ball. He is told how to grip the bat. How to stand... the position of
    the bat.

    Think of a golf swing. There are lots of different aspects to perfect
    before you can just swing a perfect swing... then you have the conditions
    to consider and how that changes things... distance... etc etc.

    You become conscious of something - train it and then benefit
    from the practice when it is time to just do it.

    It's a paradigm.

    This is my particular view on this.

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  10. Look. If you want to participate constructively do so. I described what this
    thread is all about in the lead post and I am going to stand by that.
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