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  3. The mind/body connection is important for everyone to explore and on which to become educated.

    I do not have a mainstream orientation on this, but rather, I am oriented to the cutting edge work being done wherever it may be found.

    One worthwhile activity for begining to get acquainted with the mind/body world is to see the currently showing movie "What the Bleep".

    because i live in Tucson, I do have the pleasant opportunity of informally delving into this stuff with local residents and I also have relationships with others in the fields mentioned.

    there are a few websites associated with the film and all of the participants have their sites and publications available as well

    Start at to get acquainted with where it is showing and all the backup on the participants who shared the narration.

    Personally, within a year or so, I will have completed the complement of supports in this field mentioned previously. This stuff is complementary to the 20 topics we are slogging hru in the trading strategy thread.
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    For those of us on the hinterlands with no access to art/independent films, could you briefly comment on the film's relevance and lessons?
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  5. After you have seen the film, you will be able to recognize the whole behavior spectrum of traders who post on ET. This is just a bonus.

    For me, as a past lecturer in psychiatry and a formally educated person in theoretical physics, it demonstrates, to me, for my benefit, the current understanding of how things work.

    Because I have relationships with people in these fields and mutual acquaintences with a couple of the presenters in he filme and bercause, concurrently, I am engaging with these acquaintences to create two things: 1. the mind/body explanation of trading and 2. audio CD's for excellence/recovery purposes with respect to trading, anyone seeing the film attains an incentive to get stuff that parallels what I am doing.

    It is possible by seeing the film several times to get the two above benefits indirectly.

    The best thing for you to do is go to the web site of spend a few days in a place where the film is showing and draw your own conclusions. There is a remote possibility for anyone to ascertain ewhere they are in the infinite scheme of things with rgard to the damage that they are doing to themsleves presently and specifically with regard to how long they have been doing it. The least a person can do is, to intentionally stop doing what they are doing that is stupid.

    You may not even go to the web site. Why? You haven't at this point; and, instead, you ask for whatever. I am sure there will be some comments here that are not forwarding in any way . They, as usual, come from people with the addictions pointed out in the film. All are correctable over time through intentional behavior.

    By looking at the universe in all ranges of sizes and concurrently looking at the mind, similarly, you get to find out how things work and how you can do things to excell in living a high quality life. Becuase of the quality and spectrum of presenters and because of the contributions they have made to their foields, you can get to a place where you may be able to accept their recommendations and take actions to improve yourself. for most who see the film, the impact is like that of dealing with a potato chip. Therefore, is is common that the film is held over. With UA at Tucson and the spectrum of research and industry
    and Ft Huachuca, etc. There is not much chance that the film will leave anytime soon.
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    Thank you for the explanation.
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  7. Hey Jack,

    Are you constructing some kind of cathedral to house your SCT in?
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  8. Watched the movie today. It was interesting that's for sure, especially the part about emotions being an addiction and water crystals being affected by positive/negative emotions directed at them.

    The bio's of the commentators certainly are impressive. Not sure, though, what to think about JZ Knight/Ramtha the 35,000 year-old spirit being so prominent in the movie. Did a quick search on the web and there are rumors that the movie is a production of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. Again, not sure what to make of this, if anything.

    Overall I thought the movie was well-done and got me thinking in new directions. I rarely watch movies and do not pay attention to the entertainment industry so I probably would not have discovered this on my own. Thanks for recommending it.
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  9. From one of the reviews:

    A Japanese scientist decided to conduct an experiment. He wanted to understand the molecular structure of water and what affects it. Because water is the most receptive of the four elements, he suspected it may respond to nonphysical events. So he set up a series of studies, applied mental stimuli to the water and photographed it with a dark-field microscope.

    The first picture from the microscope contained water from the Fujiwara Dam. It was nothing to write home about—just your garden-variety microscopic image of water. Another photograph showed the same water after it had received a blessing from a Buddhist monk. The image was entirely different. Much, much brighter, it looked like a sparkling snowflake. The scientist didn´t stop there. His next experiment involved distilled water. He taped words onto water bottles, left them to sit overnight and came across a similar discovery. His first photograph was just the essence of the distilled water. The second, from a bottle he´d labeled “Chi of Love,” appeared remarkably different from the original distilled water shot. Yet another, dubbed “Thank You” held a bright white crystallized design. The color and shape of the water bottle he´d titled “You make me sick, I will kill you?”—a brownish-yellow asymmetrical spawn.

    “If thoughts can do that to water,” muses one of the characters in What the Bleep Do We Know!?, where this scene unfolds, “imagine what our thoughts are doing to us.”


    Jack's trading strategies are about equally scientific and give similar results.
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    Saw the show last night and enjoyed it. I arrived at my own sort of co-creator concept a few years ago, but thought of it as a mostly inward directed process, never thought of creating my day. Intentionality and Quantum self would a new direction for me. So the movie wasn't that much of a stretch for me. Definitely will be getting some of the scientist's books. If this is the direction of this thread that would be cool too. Am I correct thinking that the movie said knowledge exists in the mind as wave patterns until we try to access it and then it becomes a particle, to parrallel quantum theory?
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