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Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by paysense, May 18, 2007.

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  1. Now that I've discovered this 'great site', I am sure that I can get some useful feedback.

    "Managing Funds for a Living" - what a concept, perhaps a dream for most. Yes, I am reaching out since I have no startup cash. Yet, I would be a fool if I didn't know better.

    For almost 10 years, I've taken an investment idea to create something quite beautiful. Here's the picture: Take a 20-year mutual fund performance chart and compress/shrink it down to a 5-year chart.

    What we have is very consistent, comparibly low risk approach to exponential growth that launches into the stratosphere in a very short while. Loss periods are similarly contained through stops and emulate pullbacks as (mildly) seen from this chart. So you see downside is contained and upside predictable (as long as people continue to work and companies continue to grow profits: ).

    Question here is what to do from here...

    Of course, I could trade a small account (what's left after losing (giving up) all to my family through divorce) and trade for 5 or so years until I get up to about a respectable $200,000.

    Or do like I am and continue to publish my expertise through web-based services that will likely provide about the same $$$ in about 5 years.

    Since my background is in math and engineering and none of your "traditional" finance-related training - it's not likley I will get the desired open-arms reception from industry.

    In the past I have tossed around the idea of connecting with folks that can bring in some funds to work with through "limited partnerships", but am currently operating solo.

    The only credibility I have is that I can very easily emulate my published results that will strongly correlate (visibly) within about 6-9 months.

    Yes...I've heard all the banter from "realists" that say trading other peoples money doesn't count. You'll just have to take me with a grain of salt, when I say I've beaten this strategy (execution-wise) well into the ground. I HAVE BECOME ONE WITH IT lol.

    Anyway any help would be much appreciated. Ideally, a $200k--5M account would be setup and the benefits reaped in about 6 months. That in turn would hype up another 10-20M in funds where, as they say, "the rest is history".

    You see...even if a ton of capital were to shortly avail itself, there really isn't much incentive to manage it.

    OK Here's the deal. If I could grow money at this rate (and risk level), it triples about every 3 years AND during (downtrends)which losses are severly contained, gains are preserved. So 1-5M would rather quickly grow to 50-100M in less than 10 years. After fees and expenses and charitable contirbutions - which I personally aspire to contrive- and limiting taxes, why include others?

    But you have to start somewhere! Any thoughts or help?

  2. lindq


    Assuming your post is serious - which is always in some doubt here - how can you be serious?

    You have the germ of a concept that hasn't been executed in reality. You have no background in managing money - either your own or OPM - and you expect anyone to give you even a moment of their time? Ain't gonna happen.

    Your first step is to put your strategy into an account and build a real-time record. Not hypothetical. If you don't have the funds, then create an account on a website like Collective2 and work your system for a year or two. If you are good, you will get attention. If you are not, then you will know that you've been wasting your own time.

    Results, and not wishes, are what matters.
  3. THANKS, you've been very helpful. I am now looking into Collective2. I already have a "real-time" trading site that has been profiting members for many years.

    Other than that, my exposure is limited and I am not sure what would really count much.

  4. To get any kind of institutional money, you need to have a very successful track record, and it should be near a decade.
  5. lindq


    Roll the music. Do I hear a commercial announcement coming?

    Sorry to be so cynical, but you say that you have had a trading site for years that has been profiting members - but you are just now discovering this site and Collective2, and wondering how to get funds to trade?

    Something is wrong with this picture.
  7. Ahh yes...human nature. Aside from your direction, I haven't been parlaying this approach much through all these years. But I am now. Again thanks for your insightful suggestion with C2.
  8. I even want to know what "ROTFLMAO" translates to?


    ...sort of like "IMHO LOL"?:)?
  9. You wish :p
  10. Now that I've taken in the C2 site, I am encouraged. My ~10 years experience with actual trade posts to my members has encountered all market periods. That being said, stated results continue to be met.

    It shouldn't take long to standout amongst the C2 crowd. I only wish I had my displayed results before this larger audience, sooner. This will provide me greater credibility, thank you.

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