Managing funds / career in relatively complex derivatives trading

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by vegahedge, May 8, 2008.

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    Hello traders,

    I've been reading this forum for years, and finally came for some advice. I want to capitalize on all that knowledge and experience (much of it proprietary) and look to start either managing a small fund-like structure, or work for someone else managing a dynamic option-based portfolio. I'm rather good with a number of instruments and industries, have many unique skills and expertise areas (such as neural pattern recognition) and also know a whole world of stuff that while not related directly to trading, can save a fortune setting up and running an operation.

    I make a fat paycheck now and not desperate to move, and this fat paycheck has been a golden cage for some time already. I believe, with all disclaimers of course, that I can yield a reasonable 2-8% monthly with moderate volatility and much more in more volatile markets, all that while being diversified and fully contained. Many of my ideas are unique and have tremendous upside potential, and not all of them (actually, most of them aren't) are trading strategy related.

    My problems are lack of paper degree (I have excellent, Masters' level, knowledge of fundamental disciplines like mathematics, but never bothered to actually graduate, to my shame). And I don't really want to move to Chicago - New York is just fine for me.

    What would you think my options (a free pun) are, and what's the path of least resistance to get into trading options professionally ?

    Thanks ye all