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    My pleasure. I enjoyed the thread. Good trading to you, too!
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    Yes, Aaron, you're correct!!!
    I just called the NFA, and the customer service represtative affirmed that for SSF trading, SEC registration is NOT required; it does however require some "online training" (sounds pretty benign).

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  3. Hi Aaron,

    Great post. Provided exactly the information I was looking for, but let's try a concrete example here.

    AceTrader runs SuperFund. SuperFund has
    AceTrader's money $100k
    Investor1's money $200k

    AceTraders' comp is 2%/20%

    End of the year, fund has made 151k profit; paid $1000 in data fees.

    Let's simplify by using year end figures

    Fund Assets = 300k + 151k = $451k - $1k = $450k

    AceTrader's portion
    A) management fees = 2% of $450k
    B) perf. fees = 20% of $100k + 100% of 50K

    A is "earned income" with FICA etc. tax payable. B is 60/40.

    Is the math right? Anyone?

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