Management of money as precursor to stratified execution

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  1. why some small number of people can't make moneys when trading is super fast and easy and making million is super :)
  2. lol keep them coming :D
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    Would you mind sharing your money management methodology with regard to trading Please

    Ever since I read Rabbitone’s post on another thread – I’ve been thinking about this, and I believe we could have a very enlightening discussion

    I think maybe we should separate intraday trading and inter-day (swing) trading into discrete categories and dissect them

    Your Thoughts

  4. oh for sure ET masters told me that only in this way I can participate :p
  5. I already did but Ivan erased it, and now I am only allowed to post the below

    ok when people sell you buy call fast trading to grow your moneys if price goes up when you thought down

    and when people buy you buy stock of company that can go up and even if goes down, it goes down little bit so you are always making good moneys

    super fast and easy, just like big rich trader Ivanovich :)
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    Well Sir -

    Let me collect my thoughts and write some stuff down then maybe I'll start one (couple of days) and we can talk

    Me thinks there is more than meets the eye
  7. super super fast super easy trading

    everbody can is be rich, only some people are poor because they don't listen to Ivan the russian stud