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  1. Any prop shops allow you to manage client money?
  2. I think Bright has a number of guys who are actively managing money. I would think Echo does too.

    Carlin used to have a few small hedge funds operating from their space and I think that became their focus a few years ago.
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  4. Several of prop firms will not allow "third party" deposits.

    why not just get a prime brokerage account and do it the correct way?
  5. Who allows prime brokerage accounts?
  6. anyone?
  7. Why would you manage clients money in a "CHOP SHOP"?

    Why not work with a clearing firm, get good comission rates and set up shop?

    Day trading prop shops are finished, over, cooked, done.

    Everyone I started off with at Schonfeld, has created their own trading group outside a prop model or Trades on their own through a clearing firm. No body I know is at a "shop" anymore...Hell even schonfeld changed their Shop Model into a suto hedgefund.

    I'm confused:( How are Prop's even around anymore? Most traders wised up.
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    Don't you need a big account to work directly with a clearing firm? I would think most prop traders are working with ~5k deposits.