managed futures, CPO's and hedge funds

Discussion in 'Financial Futures' started by fatman, Apr 27, 2004.

  1. fatman


    what is the difference in CPO's, CTA's, managed futures funds and hedge funds? is it just a structural/legal difference?

  2. ktm


    CTA - trades money for others in separate accounts

    CPO - pools money from others into one or more accts

    Managed futures fund - either of the above accts

    Hedge Fund - A broader term that has no standard legal definition aside from those managed investments which are "unregulated". This can include managed futures, securities accts or nearly anything else exempt from the 1940 Act.
  3. fatman


    how is it possible for a company to be both....for example campbell and company or graham capital are both, i think

  4. wdscott


    If a firm wishes to run a fund (CPO) and trade separate institutional or private-client accounts (CTA), as long as the proper documents are filed with the NFA and CFTC, there are no regulations prohibiting such activities.

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