Managed Funds?

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    I wasn't sure which forum to post this, so my apologies if it's in the wrong one.

    Could someone please clarify the definition of 'managed funds'?

    I assume they are hedge funds, fund of funds and commodity funds etc but does it also include mutual funds, investment funds managed by banks, brokers, insurance companies, pension funds, closed end investment companies etc?

    Thank you
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  3. Definition of managed funds?

    They suckered you into believing they know how to make you money, but they are only profiting from trading commissions and front-running your orders.

    The plain truth.
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    Thanks Morganist!

    Not quite. I don't use investment managers.

    My wifes boss has asked her to write a lecture on 'managed funds' for him to give at the Uni that he teaches at.

    She asked me what, exactly, is included in this term. I wasn't sure........
  5. maybe your wife's boss should write the lecture......
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    that is exactly what i was thinking if it is his job he should do it. i would not feel comfortable doing a lecture i did not write if some one had a question what do you say.
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    That's what i said too. But hey, she just does what is asked of her.......well, i hope not everything......

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    was my link useful.