Managed Clients Funds for FX

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by Cambist, May 22, 2007.

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    I am a successful currency trader (Forex) and have been approached by several individuals to start trading their money. I have always wanted to start an investment company, but am doing some research and just now learning about investment pools. This is what I want to specifically do:

    - Accept money from numerous clients and pool it into one trading account

    - Be able to accept money from non high net worth individuals. (not be a hedge fund)

    - Be able to trade the funds at will

    From what I have gathered, some things I'd most likely have to do are register a LLC, register with the NFA and obtain my series 3. This is all very hazy for me as I am new to this side of money management. Could you please advise specific steps I should take in making everything legal and protecting myself? I reside in California.

    Thank You
  2. Get series 3, become a CTA, get an audited track record, go to an FCM or ECN and manage accounts through POA on a master account until you get big enough etc then maybe try and start a hedge fund or a pool later