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  1. Looking for a few skilled traders to trade managed accounts. You will have access to trade trading the basic indices, commodities, currencies, and some CFDs(No equities while starting out). This serves as a "trial" and "initiation" period. If chosen, your account will begin with approximately $500 - $1000 with a registered and licensed retail brokerage. Unfortunately traders in the U.S. wont be able to participate due to legal restrictions; accounts will be highly leveraged.

    Throughout your trading, if results are consistent, you will be moved to a higher tier on a more advanced brokerage account.

    Bringing your absolute best to the table - and with good and responsible performance, after a few months you will be moved up to a higher account. Following that if you continue to impress with your abilities account size may easily become considerably larger.

    You will need experience with a variety of trading tools and be familiar with technical analysis and fundamental issues. You will need to have determination to thoroughly prove you are suited for the task.

    The initial stage (if we find you are a suitable prospect and qualified) you will begin with an account approximately $750 for 25 days. Your payment structure will be 27% netrealizedgain for this period.

    Following this, we will negotiate your account size and leverage qualifications as well as your payment terms based on your performance. All fee structures will be performance based until tier 3 where there may be a management fee included.

    There are no requirements for where you are located(Sans United States), and the time commitment will range from anywhere from a few hours a month to part time.

    You will need to provide me comprehensive reports outlining your past experience and performance. Along with an in-depth introduction to yourself and your favored strategies and trading style.
  2. I seriously hope you meant $500,000 to $1,000,000....

    if not, then maybe you need to go back to zimbabwe

  3. Ah, actually, the talent I'm trying to attract may be a little scarce on this forum as most of us are probably from the States.

    Two things, leverage....and leverage...

    But yes, $500 - $1000 is the trial starting account. A reliable trader will move up quite quickly..

    There's really no way to explain it to you simply; probably the easiest way for you to imagine it is having a 100K account with AM set max DD at $1000.
  4. Please post in the comment section if interested
  5. Headly


    On what type of account are you going to be starting with traders? micro, mini or standard lot sizes?