Managed Account Project, Hyper-Aggressive

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    We will be launching a sub-fund under our asset manager structure(Q2 '13), and will be running prelim performance tests for the next 3 months. The program is based on extremely non-risk-adverse(politically correct) hyper-aggressive strategies; with corresponding returns/risk.

    Because of our location, our registration and governing legal body do not restrict our reach and we are capable of very volatile and highly leveraged derivative positions.

    Unmistakably, this sounds just slightly shy of insane to most of you experienced traders. Unfortunately, for our investors, the concept is relatively sound and delivers results.

    For regulation reasons each project*(project by project basis) is structured something like a managed account, and separate from our master fund. The program will run at individual 25/45 day intervals for each project, and each project represents an individual account/contract.

    -> That's the then. This is the Now :

    (And before I start giving out any proprietary information...)

    We're inviting anyone who would like to participate in the first stage of our program. Essentially for the testing and programme review.

    We'd like to develop a more complete and cohesive result data test from a larger set of samples. We've gone through our original target but this leaves us too much variance. Because of the nature of the trades they executed by a money manager and not based on a EA. Hence scaling the test project to any extent is difficult.

    This is not to be considered an investment opportunity, and at best a form of sophisticated gambling. Don't come in with high expectations and certainly don't take part if the amount is more than your weekly recreation tab.

    To participate; You'll need to have a retail CFDs and Futures trading account with a balance of $250. (These are a dime a dozen, most reputable companies will do.) And, if necessary from your broker, sign the POA forms so we can execute trades in your account. We will then trade in your account for 25 days while you oversee the results.

    You stand to lose the entirety of your account, period. You also stand to gain considerable returns on your weekend entertainment fund (Adjusted ratio to losses is considerable).

    Please feel free to ask any questions if you're interested.

    - Christopher