Manage OPM (other people money)

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    Just a question, suppose that you have a trading system that work on everymarket and produce good profits.
    And imagine that you don't have money to trade, and don't have wealth family and friends.

    How would you move?
  2. 1) Talk to some friends. Tell them about your trading approach. Tell them that you need 5k. They can share the investment. Tell them that you prove your approach with a demo account for some months.

    2) Do this demo trading and prove that you can trade consistently.

    3) Collect their money and make profits for 6 months.

    4) Take this track record and show it to some investment banks, hedge funds, or wealthy people.

    5) Make millions or burn everything.
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    This is one of the best reply i've ever hear, thank you very much! :)