Man v/s Wild

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  1. World economy can be seriously affected by Man v/s Wild program aired on Discovery channel.

    Here the lead presenter "Bear Grylles" teaches you how to survive in the wild without money.

    Man v/s Wild is my favourite TV program. I watch each and every episode endless times.

    The revenue from this TV program must be very high so they contribute a lot to the world economy. I think Bear Grylles is more popular worldwide than Barack Obama.
  2. bear grylls is staged.
  3. Bear Grylles is the most popular TV and media celebrity in human history. Worldwide revenue/money from Man v/s Wild must be very very high.
  4. Bear Grylles makes decisions every second. He is more intelligent than harvard MBA.

    If Bear Grylles makes a wrong decision he will die. But if MBA makes a wrong decision they do not die immediately.
  5. What is WRONG with you? Seriously get some damn help. You're a nutjob.
  6. You've got to admit this is funny.
  7. Bear Grylles does not need a house. He eats free wild food. He can find water anywhere in the world. He can find medicines in forests. He can make clothes from animal skins. He walks naked in extreme cold regions of the world. If everybody is like Bear Grylles then world economy is over/finished.

    But few people can survive in the wild regions. Majority of people will die of starvation, thirst, injuries, sudden tempertaure change, wild animals attack.

    Grylles first name is "bear" but Bear is terrified of bears (animals). Infact Bear Grylles is terrified of most big animals. He respects and fears dangerous animals.
  8. Yeah, sounds like it would be great to live on some of that "free" food.

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  9. Elephant Dung Juice is better than pornography and prostitutes.

    Sometimes animal dung saves life whereas pornography and prostitutes destroy human beings life forever.
  10. Lucrum


    Man v/s Wild is OK but I like survivor man better, he's by himself.

    Apparently you've experienced neither of the latter and way too much of the former.
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