Man, Trading Is Depressing Now; No Energy

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  1. It's probably just me, and obviously things are gloomy now, but is anyone else feeling as if they have little energy or just feel whipsawed to the point of wanting to run to that little corner of risk aversion?

    If not, what's keeping you motivated, you BSDs?

    I'm not losing coin, but feel like I missed a ton of opportunity to short much of what's already way down.

    So how you doin'?
  2. That market should have never been up over 100 points today with the problems at LEH, FNM, and FRE.

    LEH is back down 17%!
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    CL up 4.5 bucks snuffed this rally
  4. Heck, just wait until GE moves over 50 cents from high or low for the day and get in. I don't have the luxury of being able to focus on the market all day, so I just wait for GE to move it's one standard deviation, based on "bright bands" (volatilty based), and get in and out a few times.

    I bought GE as low as 27.11, and sold as high as 27.65, with a lot of trades around both extremes.

    Like riding a bike with training wheels, all the fun, very little risk.

    Just follow the futures.


  5. The swings in this market are out of control. We jump 25 points on the NASDAQ in less than 20 minutes.


    And that's what makes for great trading. Gotta be quick with entries & exits.
  7. I just wait for the 'Szeven Signal' to shine in the sky above my office. Its weather based. Long USO 110.46 today, started getting out 114.90ish.
  8. Now we have a short covering rally at the end of the day.
  9. Long oil when we see a hurricane in the gulf.
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    Don just gave a useful advice that focus is one of the trader qualities beside discipline, poise, etc.

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