man on bus says banks in trouble

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  1. a man on the bus late yesterday said most banks are in serious trouble as consumers are deciding not to pay credit card bills due to a weakening economy. this guy was a maintenance worker but knew alot about banks . he also said citibank is casicaaly worthless and showed me his citi credit card statement with a 12k balance that he is not paying. i was impressed and bought him a donut and some coffee.
  2. Yeah, well my wife and I were watching the news and both agreed that the stockmarket is too low right now and that Wall Street was over-reacting. She said they may have been right to sell in the beginning, but ithas gone on too long. We had some chocolate and watched "Chuck" after that.
  3. My daughter sent me an e mail of a new car she was approved to buy, I told her the economy is in the shitter and to go buy a new purse instead. She bought me two cans of anchovies from wall mart for my pizzas.
  4. I was walking round the city late evening and ended up around 49th and 9th ave. Some woman came up to me and offered me some of her oral services for 10 dollars. I asked why would she be doing something like this and she told me that she is NYHOOD's mother and their family fell into serious financial troubles after following his financial advice. I told her that in that case, I will pay her 5 dollars, she agreed and went into the alley to do our business.
    Afterwards she told me that NYHOOD was working around the corner doing the same thing.
  5. My accountant told me he lost $200k in his 401k and needs to work three more years before he can retire. Then I went home and I got a big hug from my son and felt a lot better. We had takeout pizza for dinner - half cheese and half veggie and it was very good.
  6. We're selling our house, and we actually got an offer on it after only 1 week. The offer was lousy, so I countered and never heard from the prospective buyer again. Oh well, I said. CSI was on, so I took my laptop into the living room, watched some TV and browsed ET's forums looking for more incarnations of c-kid/cold.
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    I saw a man in a suit pick up a dime from the sidewalk today. When I asked him why he did that, he replied that he needed another 15 cents to make a phone call. Why, I asked. Because he had just terminated his cell phone contract and was doing without. I gave him a quarter.

    That night I ate some canned peaches, an apple and a delicious granola bar. I slept well that night.
  8. Unsettled weather continues in the Pacific Northwest today, while the High Plains and Southwest should be warm.

    Some locally heavy rain is possible on the western slopes of the Cascades westward to the coast, with gusty winds expected along the Oregon Coast.

    It was heard that some guy in line at the cafeteria allegedly said that the sun would go out and 1 trillion banks would fail.

    PS: couldn’t resist this thread. I dedicate my post to my friend (in spirit) bilowsellhi
  9. I was riding on the bus one day, and this lady refused to go to the back - she was arrested, and now that bus is in a museum

    everyone in the country knows her name, even if they cant name the first 2 guys to step on the moon

    (but they can name a child molestor who moon walks, close enough)
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    Whoa, if the sun is going out, I'm selling my stocks.
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