Man makes 50k like it was nothing. You 2 can be a pro

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  1. He made 500k in the most volatile 3 months in the history of the U.S. markets.

    Guys like him were literally in every row of every trading firm across the country.

    I would rather read about some of the guys who really crushed it. Ten, twenty, thirty million trading prop and retail.
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    Thanks for the article. I'm gonna print it out for a in depth read.

    However, I have a hard time believing he gives away his secrets.
  3. stock777:
    Thank you for the link.
    I think I will click the hot keys more often!
  4. These guys seem ripe for a drawdown. Tons of profanity, emotion and no discipline.
  5. all successful traders trade patterns not price.

    all the unprofitable traders on ET all are so clueed out of the most profitable way method to trade when I mentioned it:)
  6. "“Futures are breaking out. We’re breaking above 81,” he intones, referring to the 881 mark on the S&P 500 Futures. A minute later, he’s up to $12,000. Moments later, $17,000. Then $21,000. He’s constantly adding to his short position on Skiff, betting on the upside for financials"

    This part is key to successful traders.
    Read it and Keep thinking about it.

    When a pattern is going your way, you keep hitting the bish till it submits.
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    You got to love it. They always print articles about the guy who makes a killing.
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    Thank god they started doing this. For the past year and a half every article is about the guys who lost a fortune or companies going bankrupt. I have had enough of the suicide stories....its depressing
  9. Post it again, negative atitudes towards it might change as trading environment changed dramaticaly
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