man, it's good to be flat

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  1. I'm almost never flat

    That is for rich people like the Rothchilds

    Who can party all the time

    Until they get some inside information and make a move

    I'm a journeyman trader and work at it all the time 24/7

    Until harvest time

    and then I get flat

    and then we celebrate a little bit

    it doesn't hurt that it was on almost the last day of the month

    because I can tell you man, 2013 started out really horrible

    they should re evaluate the way people like to celebrate when they have had a successful month
  2. i think the idea of a reasonable positive feedback loop is required to make it in trading.. you can't think your way into good trading.. i never understood the expression.. "dig your way out of a hole" is that even it?
  3. it really has nothing to do with profits

    or even math

    it's just an attitude about yourself

    I have such a low opinion of myself after all the bad decisions I have made

    that I don't feel like I deserve to just sit around and wait for a good set up

    so I have to be in there working everyday

    adding to losers

    adding to winners

    taking losses

    working at it
  4. Work your way through this book: Undervalued Self&x=0&y=0
  5. Bob111


    how do you know that Rothchild's are flat ? :p i kind of doubt it
    but i feel you. that's why i stick with day trading. at least i can sleep well and without worry about those f** markets.
  6. self help books.. are under the impression that you can actually help yourself.. haha which in my case i know to be untrue.. when thinking about myself my brain is very bad.. problem solving it is very good... separating that in trading is very hard..
  7. how do you know the Rothchilds..? haa
  8. I got it from reading the family biography

    for the most part they were flat

    just a simple business of loaning money

    much like you or I would do if we bought bonds

    but occasionally, they got cornered

    much like you and I would be if we had too much in bonds and rates were rising

    so they had to take risks

    much like you and I would have to do if we were trying to protect what we had worked for

    So like the man said, "Everything is fine. I eat well, I live well, I love well, I sleep well, until I have to risk it all to protect it."
  9. Truthfully... I'm not sure even what the heck you are saying. I've read it over and over and I have to be honest... I have no idea what you are saying or what even your point is?
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