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  1. No noise on 4350 Dimension. So quiet, I can barely tell it's running... :cool:
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  2. Looking into getting one of these Dell's for my Mom. Yeah I should have gotten in on that end of the quarter deal but unfortunately I didn't:(

    Anyway does anyone on here have the Dimension 2350 with the 2.2 Ghz Celeron processor? If so how do you like it? My mom is a realtor so she doesn't need the fastest model out there!

    On the Dimension 2350 with the 2.2 Celeron is the video card attached to the motherboard or in the PCI slot? Same with the sound card?

    Or should I spring for the Dimension 4550 with the Pentium IV processor??


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  3. I don't have the Dell Celeron, but I do have a lesser Compaq Celeron running along side my Dell P4.

    For routine apps and netsurfing, they appear to be identical. The Compaq also has onboard video and onboard sound. Both are just fine. If the Dell says "shared video ram", it's onboard.

    The Dimension Celeron will probably be more than adequate.
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  4. Thanks for the speedy reply Gnome. The Dell says it has an Integrated Intel Extreme 3D Graphics card so I would assume that it is attached to the motherboard. Dell won't let you select another video card with the Dimension 2350 either....

    It sounds like a heck of a deal for $314 and shipped free. Just have to add some more ram (it comes with 128). That brings up another question I have. What is this DDR ram? Is it faster than the old ram?

    Sorry for all the questions,

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  5. DDR Ram.... yes, it's faster. 128 Ram is likely enough. Suggest you run it up and check the usage with Task Manager. You may not need to increase it.

    If so, the motherboard will work properly with only one type of ram and probably at only one speed, so just make sure you get more of what Dell says is already onboard.

    Most on ET will say the brand of ram is important. I've tried Crucial, PNY, Centon, Kingston... all have worked just fine.
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  6. Oops. I guess it is a 4550, not a 4350... :p
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  7. that is good (not :) ) to hear. thx
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