man is this cheap

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    That happened about 20 years ago. It was called the Sinclair.
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  2. If you order thru the Small Business division (and you don't really have a business), be sure to use your name as the Business name, as the rebate checks come in the name of the business.

    Using some random "ABC Company" will get the item shipped to you, but you'll probably have trouble cashing the check!
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  3. Officemax - KHypermedia 48x24x48 CD Writer Free AR (20326451), 50 Pack CDRs Free AR (20154236), WD 80GB 7200RPM HD $59.99 AR (20062581), KHypermedia 25 pack DVD-R $24.99, Lexar 64MB Jump drive $9.99AR (20230340), Kingston 256MB DDR Free AR (20220510), Best Data v.92 modem Free AR (20148289)
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    agrh! now you tell me!
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  5. Ok, my new Dell arrived. Actually it arrived friday after I ordered it wednesday afternoon. How do they manage that?

    Anyway, it is apparently possible using XP to transfer "files and settings" from the old computer. Anyone actually done this? The book was a little vague on it. Can I , for example, transfer QCharts with all pages? What about Excel with spreadsheets?
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  6. week before last this system was offering several upgrades:

    Memory from 256 to 512
    Hard Drive from 60 Gig to 120 Gig
    2nd Drive Bay for CD-Burner
    And FREE Shipping

    All for only $800.00

    The same system is being promoted today for $1099 and there is no free shipping.

    I knew that offer at the end of April was too good!
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  7. wait till the end of the next quarter.
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  8. i think dell has a trick going on. if they want to pump the quarter results they run a promo like this. they sell a bunch of computers but give out $200 rebates that wont be cashed in until next quarter. they get revenue this quarter and transfer expenses to next quarter. they may even have a way to hide the rebates so they dont hurt the bottom line.
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  9. Well, I am sure they farm the rebates out to another company. Whether or not those all get paid is a whole other ballgame. One could probably write a pretty good thesis modeling consumers' economic preferences and expectations with regard to rebates and purchasing decisions.
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  10. Shhh... Don't tell anybody about Dell hiding their rebates. I want
    to get my next computer $200 off also with all the free upgrades...

    By the way, Dell emailed me this Monday and said my computer
    would show up sometime past May 12. The next afternoon on
    May 6 it arrived. I guess their order department needs an overhaul?
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