man is this cheap

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Free Thinker, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. i cannot find that 10% off coupon?? i must be blind, deaf and dumb :-/
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  2. 4491A592C8BB

    I think it might be time to retire my P3 800.

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  3. Dustin


    It came with XP Home which I soon reformatted with a copy of Win2k. XP Home just had some quirks that drove me nuts regarding networking and DSL.
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  4. Generally, no. However, with incompatible drivers you can surely make a mess of your system.

    If you want to run multiple monitors, I suggest you post how many/what type you want to run, how many slots you want to commit, what OS you're using... Many here can offer a solution and you can pick from one of those.
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  5. khorne55


    So are you saying from one computer you have 3 monitors on at the same time with different things on each screen at the same time? Do you have 3 keyboards and 3 mice as well? Please explain for the computer illiterate.


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  6. It's not a stupid question.

    He probably has one desktop computer with 3 separate monitors. The 3 separate monitors kind af act like one big monitor. You can have multiple software packages and web pages running on them. The cursor from the mouse will travel from monitor to monitor to monitor. And you are only using one keyboard and one mouse.

    Visit any trading office and they can demonstrate.
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  7. khorne55


    That is too cool. That would definitely simplify things for me as well as speed up my trading. One monitor doesn't cut it.


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  9. another cheap item. office max has a cd\rw for $10 ar this week starting sunday.
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  10. range


    Thanks for the heads up, vhehn.

    Can someone explain the difference between Dell's home office criteria and its small business criteria. Can a home based trader order from either? Is one consistently cheaper better than the other or does it just depend on the day?

    The small business "featured system" Dell 2350 is $399 with monitor.
    The small business non-special on the 2350 is "from $349," without the same monitor, which is $100 separately, but with a bigger hard drive (60 versus 30, which is worth $50).
    The home office price on the 2350 is $499, with same monitor, but also has speakers and modem that the small business $399 package lacks.
    The higher education base price on the 2350 is $466, with same monitor. Looks similar to the home office system, but the CD-ROM is not as good.

    (I am sure I have missed some details.)
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